Boil water advisory issued for some Carrsville residents

Published 1:11 pm Saturday, August 18, 2018


On Friday, Aug. 10, Isle of Wight County’s Department of Public Utilities had issued a boil water notice to some residents of the Carrsville community.

According to utilities clerk Leslie Arnette, the water advisory only affects around 10 residents on Harvest Drive. She explained that a resident’s water heater had gone bad and that the county did not have the ability to cut water service to that specific house while the owner effected repairs. The county’s only option, she said, was to cut off the water line for the street, which had 10 customers.

Water service has since been restored, but the Virginia Department of Health requires that the county’s utilities department perform testing whenever a component of the municipal water system loses pressure, to ensure that there was no contamination.

Arnette added that the utilities department would be testing the water system on Monday and Tuesday. If all tests returned acceptable results, the department hoped to lift the boil water notice by Wednesday.