County school board reviews proposals for roof repairs

Published 10:09 am Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Members of the Southampton County school board had an opportunity to view proposals from two construction consulting firms during Monday night’s meeting in regard to repairing/replacing roofs on various school buildings.

According to the school superintendent Dr. Gwendolyn Shannon, water leakage has been a major issue with the roofs, especially during inclement weather such as heavy rains.

“The roof leaks have been occurring for several years. The middle school issues have been persistent and have gotten progressively worse over the past seven years,” said Shannon. “Southampton Middle School is in need of major repairs and/or a roof replacement. Meherrin Elementary School, Southampton High School and the Career & Technical Center are all in need of repairs.

“Capron Elementary School, Riverdale Elementary School, Nottoway Elementary School and the Fresh Start Center are in need of minor repairs.”

The board decided to delay the action for further discussion.

In other news, the school board recognized Nottoway Elementary School as the recipient of 2018 Virginia Board of Education Distinguished Achievement Award. Nottoway Elementary was one of the 202 schools that met all state and federal benchmarks and made progress toward the goals of the Governor and the Board of Education. Dr. Gwendolyn Shannon presented the award to Susan Melbye, the principal of Nottoway Elementary.

The school board also approved implementing Title III, Part A, Language Instruction for English Learners & Immigrant Students . This was requested by Title 1 coordinator Christopher Tsitsera.

The approval of Title III, Part A will allow funding to support programs that address English language proficiency and academic achievement of English learners, including the provision of language instruction education programs and activities that increase the knowledge and skills of teachers who serve English learners. These programs also provide enhanced instructional opportunities for immigrant children and youth.