Southampton/Franklin habitat for humanity seeking volunteers

Published 10:58 am Friday, July 27, 2018

by Sandra Kirkland

Would you like to help make your community a better place? Do you have time on your hands? Would you like to be appreciated and greeted with a smile? Southampton/Franklin Habitat for Humanity is looking for volunteers at our ReStore on 109 West First Avenue.

For those unfamiliar with the ReStore, we accept donations of furniture, appliances, and building materials from generous residents and businesses  in our community. All donations are welcome except for mattresses and clothing. For large items, we offer free pick-up.

Contributing to the ReStore is a win/win situation. The donor gets a tax deduction, the customer gets a bargain on the many items in the store, and the landfill gets absolutely nothing.

Items we accept are in good condition, and our volunteers help to get them ready for purchase. Volunteers also greet customers, price items, load furniture, and work the cash register.

Volunteering is rewarding and makes our community a better place by helping provide Habitat, a Christian organization, with funds to build homes for people who are living in sub-standard housing. Also, for young people who are planning on attending college or entering the job market, volunteering is a great enhancement to your resume.

If you would like to learn more, please visit the ReStore on West First Avenue or call 304-9504.  Our store manager, Frank Rickman, will be happy to speak with you and show you around. And if you would like to donate that old table or chair, or if you have purchased a new appliance and the old one still works, we will be happy to pick it up. See you at the ReStore!   

Sandy Kirkland is the vice president of the ReStore on West First Avenue, Franklin. She can be reached at