New pharmacy will be a reinvestment

Published 1:04 pm Saturday, July 21, 2018

The loss of the Farm Fresh grocery store on Armory Drive in Franklin this past spring did more than just create a gap in Western Tidewater residents’ shopping choices.

Not only did employees find themselves out of work, but the pharmacy was also shuttered, compelling customers to go elsewhere.

In happy contrast, we are most pleased that this autumn four local pharmacists will create the Franklin Hometown Pharmacy. We could not have picked a better name.

While the new place will not likely restore all the lost revenue from the grocery’s closing, it will do something no less valuable, and that’s add to a sense of community, especially where local business is concerned. Not incidentally, three of the four owners worked at the other pharmacy.

The willingness of Ed Canada, Tricia Davis, Johnny Jones and Kim Pope to reinvest in Franklin shows they firmly believe in the city and are also determined to do what they can to strengthen it.

Residents could help by considering moving their prescriptions to the new pharmacy when it opens.