Airfield Center celebrates new boardwalk

Published 1:07 pm Saturday, July 21, 2018


There is a new addition to Airfield 4-H Conference Center. A ribbon-cutting ceremony took place on Wednesday at the center for the opening of their new boardwalk after four months of construction. The work was made possible by Waste Management’s donation of $100,000. Waste Management representative Jason Williams and Airfield’s Center director Melvin Atkinson cut the ribbon.

The new boardwalk is 435 feet long and goes across Airfield lake behind the Gray Building and connects to the shooting/archery range.

“The boardwalk was built so that 4-H kids and visitors can enjoy a scenic walk across the lake.” said Airfield’s sales and marketing director Pamela Griffin. Thanks to the construction of the boardwalk, the public can now observe a diverse range of animals including fish, birds (ducks, geese, cranes, etc.,) turtles and frogs. Plus, the public can watch the abundance of pink and white water lilies that cover the lake.

Except from June to mid-August, when 4-H summer camps are in session, the boardwalk is open all year to the public.