Planning is right to ask option be dropped

Published 11:12 am Friday, July 20, 2018

The Southampton County Planning Commission recently showed both consideration of the voters and foresight when they agreed, after public comment, to ask that Board of Supervisors completely drop a proposed road project option from its future consideration.

The plan, were it to ever come into being — heaven forfend — would create a bypass around the existing business corridor on Route 58 in Courtland. You know the one: the grocery, Hardee’s, DQ, service station, etc. While bypasses are terrific when it comes to keeping cars and trucks zipping down the highways, they can be killers of businesses. If restaurants, shops and professional services are not readily accessible, then potential customers will go elsewhere. As someone pointed out at a meeting, look at the old Airway Shopping Center. Practically empty since another bypass was made decades ago.

We are hopeful that the supervisors will heed the commissioners’ recommendation, and look at other ways to improve the 58 corridor in later years.