Franklin — Clean and green

Published 10:45 am Wednesday, July 18, 2018

To the Editor:

The City of Franklin Beautification Commission consists of Franklin residents, appointed by City Council, who are tasked with supporting the Adopt-A-Spot litter pick up and Adopt-A-Flower Bed programs; improving recycling access in our community; monitoring the “care and feeding” of all trees on City property; educating our children and citizens about the importance of caring for our local environment; participating in the annual tree-plating ceremony and Arbor Day celebration; and such other projects as may, from time to time, help to keep our city looking its best.

We are particularly grateful to the groups and organizations who participate regularly in litter pick up around our vity. We have a grant for this program, which provides trash bags, litter lifters, vests and signage for litter pick up.

There are currently 11 groups, and we are always pleased to add to this roster of caring citizens in the Adopt-A-Spot program. Please contact Mrs. Leesa Livesay-Barnes in the Franklin Community Development Department for more information: 562-8682. If your school or group would like to help occasionally as a community service, you can obtain litter lifters and orange trash bags from Community Development at City Hall. Then, simply let us know how many bags were filled. This provides us with on-going grant funding. Your bags will be picked up by the City.

The Commission is responsible for decisions relating to all trees on public property, including placement, removal, replacement and trimming. Any concerns regarding these issues, especially safety concerns, should be reported to Community Development.

The Beautification Commission reviews and makes decisions on appropriate actions. Public Works then becomes involved to carry out any needed and approved work.

The Beautification Commission members will be working on programs to improve recycling participation in the community; to involve local businesses in the education of our citizens; to provide educational materials for our school children; and to generally encourage the participation of all of our citizens in the care of our city.

An improved, more vital and more beautiful environment is the end-result of taking a few minutes each day to put trash where it belongs, to recycle, to be a positive influence on our children, to educate others when the opportunity arises, to show you care, and to grow where you are planted. Let’s keep our own garden clean and green.

Questions about the Beautification Commission may be directed to Gayle Schmitz, chairwoman, at my downtown business (516-2660, M-W and Saturday, noon to 6 p.m.,) or to the Community Development office at 562-8682.

Gayle Schmitz