Pope committed to Isle of Wight County

Published 9:55 am Friday, July 13, 2018

To the Editor:

In approximately two weeks, the citizens of Isle of Wight County will have the opportunity to elect our next sheriff. A little over two years ago, we voted Sheriff Mark Marshall into office for a second term. Last year, this paper asked Mr. Marshall directly in the “Badges to Beer” article if he planned to fulfill his term. His response was something along the lines of being committed to the county and the citizens who elected him, but he did not give a definite answer. Fast forward to early 2018, we learned that Marshall was not committed to Isle of Wight, but rather to the Eastern Shore of Virginia and his new business venture. When he left his post as sheriff with more than one year left to serve, he forced his choice on us and the need for a special election. While I wish him the best, it is not his decision to appoint someone to serve as our next sheriff. That is the responsibility of the citizens of Isle of Wight County.

I strongly encourage my friends, family and neighbors to get out and vote on July 24. This is our opportunity to be heard. In my opinion, Lt. James Pope is committed to Isle of Wight County for the long haul. I have had the opportunity to get to know Lt. Pope over the past several years through his community involvement in Isle of Wight. I can attest to his character, leadership, demeanor and commitment to the people of this county. Pope is a bright leader who displays a passion for law enforcement, family and the safety of our schools, homes and businesses. I have always found him to be transparent, honest and compassionate in his work. I challenge each of you to spend five minutes talking to Pope and you will come away with a favorable opinion of him.

He is fully aware of the needs of the community and how the Sheriff’s Office can better meet and serve those needs. Our current Lt. James Pope has my vote on July 24, and I encourage you to cast your vote for Pope too!

David Holt