Former councilwoman well deserving of honor

Published 9:53 am Friday, July 13, 2018

As anyone who works in government could tell you, the service can often be a thankless one. Whether as an administrator, council member or supervisor, there’s no short of critics, even when everything seems to be going well. Obstacles also abound in not only maintaining a locality, but also in promoting careful growth. Yet, these public servants persist in striving to do good for their fellow residents whether in the town or county.

One such person who has selflessly given of herself time and time again is Mary Hilliard. But after 30 years, she decided to retire this year from Franklin City Council. That makes her the longest-serving council member in the city.

Earlier this week, her dedication was appropriately lauded with a resolution presented the first council meeting of the new fiscal year. Her daughter, Wynndolyn Hilliard-Copeland, was of course there to witness the honor. She decided to run for that seat and won. We are hopeful she will continue her mother’s legacy of dedicated service to Franklin.