Pope always professional, respectful, knowledgeable

Published 10:34 am Monday, July 9, 2018

To the Editor:

I would like to write in support of one of the finest men in our county. I was an EMS volunteer for many years and I first met James Pope when he was a young deputy.

Even as a young man, he had the maturity and calmness that impressed me when I would see him on many different calls where he would be working, many calls dealing with life-or-death situations. Throughout the years, I got to know him and his family, and realized how lucky Isle of Wight was to have such a valuable and caring person with the Sheriff’s department.

I have seen him show up at senior citizen functions, school functions, church functions, sports functions, as well as personally seen him on police calls or heard him handle serious police incidents on the radio.

At every function I have seen him or heard him throughout the years, he has been professional, respectful and extremely knowledgeable. His heart has ALWAYS been been in his job and this county.

He is smart, works tirelessly for the residents, loves his family and I can say he is genuinely a good man … not to mention loves dogs. James Pope has the energy and knowledge to handle the job.

Mary Ann Mullen