Candidate demonstrates qualities needed in sheriff

Published 10:33 am Monday, July 9, 2018

To the Editor:

I have been in the law enforcement arena for more than 30 years and have had the opportunity to meet, work with and for many great people. One thing that has stood out to me about some more than others was their leadership abilities and qualities.

As I reflect upon the upcoming special sheriff’s election in Isle of Wight, one candidate in particular stands out. The ability to be a leader and have the respect of your subordinates without question who will follow your direction regardless of their beliefs is the definition of a great leader. I find sheriff’s candidate James Pope to be such a person and possess those qualities.

James Pope is a man of integrity and honesty who will be a straight shooter with the citizens of Isle of Wight. He is a family man with family values, as well as a man of faith and spirituality that he uses a guide.

James Pope inspires others with his commitment and passion for the job at hand, the people of Isle of Wight, and the communities at large. Pope possess the quality of being an excellent communicator with the ability to eloquently relay his views and standpoints on issues important to him and the citizens of Isle of Wight. This talent is an asset when it comes to interacting with the Board of Supervisors on important issues.

James Pope delegates task assignments which empowers, improves, and  develops a better quality person through accountability and completion which is a definite benefit to all concerned. This is one of many outstanding qualities that demonstrates Pope’s decision making creativity and innovative thinking.

These are a few of the characteristics, qualities, abilities, and benefits that James Pope offers the Isle of Wight community everyday and will continue to in the future. He is truly a hidden asset that many citizens don’t realize. I believe that if we don’t elect James Pope on July 24we will be doing Isle of Wight a grave injustice for now and the future.

Thank you for time for reading this and allowing me the opportunity to express my concerns and beliefs of an outstanding candidate for the position of sheriff in Isle of Wight County. Community plus education plus interaction equals James Pope.

Antonnio “Antman” Wilson
Retired Deputy Isle of Wight
Sheriff’s Office