Recycle bin to get pickup

Published 10:56 am Friday, July 6, 2018

Marion Dickerson of Boykins said that when she went to take her recyclables to the collection bin for the town on Saturday, she was less than pleased at the sight.

So much so that Dickerson photographed the place to document it, and submitted that to the paper.

“It was disgusting,” Dickerson said.

Sacks and bags were piled up on and beside the container, and she’s “pretty sure” that the last time it was emptied about four to five weeks ago.

Speaking to the attendant at the time, Dickerson said she was told he made a call two weeks ago for pickup.

Asked about the matter, Southampton County Deputy Administrator Lynette Lowe said the office had gotten a call on Tuesday that the bin was full. She explained at the site workers are responsible for calling Public Works director Hart Council to notify him when the containers need emptying. Lowe said he then schedules pickups. She added that it costs the county $250 each time its pulled — full or not.

“We try to manage that as efficiently as possible,” Lowe said.

She added that Bay Disposal was scheduled to pickup on Thursday or by today.

Informed of that progress, Dickerson said she was pleased at the news, and added, “We need to encourage people to recycle.”