Growing a healthy community

Published 11:05 am Friday, June 29, 2018


Remote Areas Medical of Virginia came to Emporia last weekend to supply medical, dental, and vision services to individuals through their clinic at Greensville High School. In a three day period, which included set-up day, the event had 876 volunteers, including 43 essential volunteers/staff. Even the founder of RAM, Stan Brock paid a visit to the event.

Dental work was among the several featured health checks available at the RAM event, which took place last weekend in Emporia, and included residents in Western Tidewater. — Submitted

792 patients were registered during the weekend, and the non-profit organization provided $427,143.22 in services which included 1,915 dental services, 1,597 medical services, and 391 vision services. A breakdown of the services that RAM provided their patients are as follows:

• Four new diagnoses of diabetes

• 85 A1C’s

• Eight glaucoma referrals

• Lab checked mole removal

• 31 dentures

• 138 veterinary services to 40 cats/dogs

• 225 prescriptions

• Over 250 Narcan kits & training

• 24 hearing aids

• 12 colon tests

• A knee brace

• EpiPens

• Allergy & COPD medication

• Dermatology medications

Remote Areas Medical is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide free, quality healthcare services to underserved and uninsured populations through their mobile medical clinics.

If you would like to donate to RAM or are interested in volunteering, visit Donations can also be sent to C/O Brunswick Chamber of Commerce, 400 N. Main St., Lawrenceville, VA 23868.