Not even for a minute

Published 9:24 am Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Ever wonder what’s it’s like to be a child or a dog in a hot car? Simple. On the next sunny day this week, just put yourself in a vehicle, keeping a window or two open only a crack. If you’re feeling brave, keep them rolled up tight.

Don’t turn on the ignition to start the AC. Just sit there and wait and wait and wait, all the while imagining you are hoping someone will come to turn on the air conditioning, maybe bring some water.

Meanwhile, you are more or less cooking.

That said, we plead that you do not leave youngsters, pets or even seniors waiting in cars while you pop in “for just a minute” to shop. That minute can turn into several, and many more if you’re distracted by a sale or meet a friend.

According to, one study shows that a car parked in the sun for one hour on a 100-degree F day can bring the temperature up to 116 inside, with the seats at 123, the steering wheel at 127 and the dashboard at 157. Parked in the shade, there’s little relief as the cabin becomes 100, seats at 105, the wheel at 107 and the dash at 118.

Either way, the study concluded, it was hot enough to kill children.

Don’t take that chance.

Not even for a minute.