Land Transfers

Published 9:20 am Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Southampton County

The following land transfers were recorded in Southampton County Circuit Court in May:

Equity Trustees LLC to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, Trust Inst #040004203, $95,850

Richard A. Poole to Ashley R. Burns, Franklin City Lot 12, $125,000

Clyde Elwood Parker to Benjamin F. Parker, Franklin City Lot 93 West End, $0

Atlantic Trustee Services LLC to Bronco Federal Credit Union, Trust Inst #040005089, $80,907.80

Brenton D. Burgess to Southampton Academy, Franklin City, $315,000

Patricia Hall Bass, Qualify Administrator, $0

Shady Hathan to Frederick M. Chapple, Franklin City 412 Pretlow Street, $60,000

Marjorie A. Lee to Roland Humphries, Franklin City 112 Lake Cresent Drive, $200,000

ALG Trustee LLC, TR to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Trust Inst #080001830, $50,430

ALG Trustee, TR to Sahara Property Management LLC, Trust Inst #070001361, $56,834.76

Professional Foreclosure Corporation to US Bank National Association, Trust Inst #070002712, $23,514.50

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Lisa Michelle Holt, Franklin City 511 Clay Street Inst #170002390, $69,000

Beverly H. Brown to Brian M. Snyder, Franklin City Holliknol Section Two Lot 88, $183,500

Jerry A. Smithwick to Darlene H. Smithwick, Franklin City Lot 1 Swan Estates, $0

Kathryn K. Cobb to Davis Moore, Franklin City Lot 13, $138,500

Mary Smith Worrell, Record Real Estate Affidavit, $0

Habitat for Humanity of South Hampton Roads to Ore Builders LLC, Franklin City Riverwood Estates Phase 1 Lots 70 & 72, $30,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Daniel D. Ognibene, Berlin Ivor Dist Parcel A 4.56 Ac, $200,000

James P. Hill to D & J Brothers LLC, Boykins Town, $57,000

Esther R. Poe to Esther R. Poe, Berlin Ivor Dist 1.10 Ac Parcel A, $0

Miranda C. Walton to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Financing, Drewryville Dist, $20,000

VJ Whitehead Jr. to Tammy Whitehead Jarratt, Drewryville Dist, $0

Mary O. Bracey to Matthew L. Drake, Newsoms Dist, $0

John Moore Drewry to Megan N. Drewry, Courtland Town, $150,000

Robert G. Bailey III to Robert G. Bailey III, Jerusalem Dist, $0

Atlantic Trustee Services LLC to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Trust Inst #160001387, $187,432

John William Harville Jr. to Edward Hunter Harville, Linden Street Courtland Town, $0

Ernest Claud Jr. to Tonya Claud Williams, Southampton Parkway Capron Dist, $0

US Bank Trust N A, Tr. to Paul Matthews, Franklin Dist 28367 Pretlow Road Inst #170000118, $23,500

Suzette Bunch Carpenito, Probate Will Only, $0

Patrick J. Boyle to Kaleb C. Fitch, 3.304 Acres Franklin Dist, $380,000

Parsons Homes Inc to Robert E. Rickman, Courtland Town Lot 52 With Plat Attached, $45,000

Roadrunner Land Holdings LLC to RM Clarke Farm Tennessee LLC, Drewryville Dist, $185,000

Hunterdale Investments LLC to George Umphlette Jr., Capron Dist Barrow Road Parcel A 3.07 Ac, $85,000

Jabril Akeem Whitfield to Jabril Akeem Whitfield, $0

Secretary of Veteran Affairs to Kevin R. Didier, Berlin Ivor Dist Inst #180000384, $125,000

Deloris J. Orick to Deloris J. Orick, Capron Dist 4 Parcels, $0

James T. Hunnicutt Jr. to James T. Hunnicutt Jr., Jerusalem Dist Plat Book 36 Page 107, $0

Tallen Concrete Construction LLC to Specbld LLC, Jerusalem Dist, $26,000

Tucker Homes LLC to Specbld LLC, Jerusalem Dist Lot 2, $52,000

Samuel I. White P.C. Tr., to Wells Fargo Bank N.A., Trust Inst #110002015, $113,400

Dianne E. Dunlow to Letitia C. Crumpler, Newsoms Dist Monroe Road Plat Attached, $0

John M. Mason to Tracey D. Murphy, Newsoms Dist, 25199 Blackhead Signpost Road, $46,000

Pennymac Loan Service LLC to S & L Transportation LLC, Franklin City 345 Thomas Street Inst #170001399, $40,000

Royce C. Branch to Wesley L. Cashwell, Berlin Ivor Dist 2 Parcels, $25,000

Christopher Johnson to Ralph C. Condit III, Newsoms Dist 1.4000 Ac, $105,000

Norberto Cruz to Josephine Baruch Tucker, Berlin Ivor Dist 12.696 Ac, $385,000

Narvie F. Britt Jr. to Mark Landon Chitwood, Berlin Ivor Dist Plat Book 36 Page 109, $16,000

Mildred Lawrence, Record Real Estate Affidavit 31447 Smiths Ferry Road Property, $0

Henderson O. Lawrence, Probate of Will, $0

Leeann S. Williams to Timothy M. Burns, Courtland Town Lot 4 Portion of Lot 46, $164,900

W Group LLC to Shane A. Hartless, Franklin Dist 17 Ac, $78,000

Richard L. Clemmons to Reginaldo Teixeira Peron, Berlin Ivor Dist, $80,000

Sam W. Cook to Jay R. Crapes, Boykins Town, Lot 16, $105,000

Martinette Properties LLC to Virginia Electric and Power Co, Southampton County Ridley Road, $0

Ryan Damien Evans House to Ryan Damien Evans House, $0

Jennifer Dixon Railey to Jennifer Lynn Dixon, $0

Wayne F. Matney to Roylee C. Fish, Berlin Ivor Dist Plat Book 36 Page 110, $0

Trischa Woodrinia Carrington to Trischa Mayo, Cl 18 – 480, $0

Ralph A. Godwin Jr., to Matthew Edward Ferguson, Sedley Village Maple Avenue, $125,000

Jaleesha Melineeque Carey to Jaivyn Melineeque, $0

Timbervest Partners III Virgin to Popes Station LLC, Drewryville Dist, $2,201,248

David M. Holland to Jerry D. Hooker, $389,900

Gordon V. Coons to David C. Lowry, Franklin Dist 22366 Scottswood Drive, $0

Gary Edward Miller to Brandon W. Edwards, Drewryville Dist 4.06 Ac, $143,000

Betty J. Ahmann to Summer C. Arendell, Berlin Ivor Dist 15.39, $75,000

Curtis C. Majette to Cynthia D. Scott, Franklin Dist Section One Jesse McClenny Sub’d, $0

Shawn Dean Blythe to John K. Boyce, Jerusalem Dist Sedley Village Lot 3 1.206, $233,800

R.W. Tyler & Associates LTD to Sandy Creek LLC, Jerusalem Dist, $0

Julie Mooring Bryant to James Lee Robinson, Newsoms Dist, $20,000

Lonell McCoy Davis Sr. to Lonell McCoy Lashley Sr., $0

Parsons Homes Inc to Kevin J. Hargrave, Ivor Town Lot 19 Pines of Ivor, $156,000

Mildred D. Turner, Real Estate Affidavit, $0

Shirley Kello Shannon to Randy E. Burgess, Capron Dist, $91,900

Diane Turner Holley to Joseph P. Gyoker, Franklin Dist 0.930 Ac Sandy Hill Heights, $0

Milton Thomas Futrell Jr. to James Wilton Futrell Jr., 1.13 Acres Capron Dist, $0

Trudy Gettier Presson, Probate of Will, $0

Thomas Peyton Turner to Virginia Electric and Power Co, Franklin Dist, $0

Vernon Tom Babb to Vernon Tom Babb Jr., Jerusalem Dist 15277 Plank Road, $0

Kevin R. Didier to Kevin R. Didier, Berlin Ivor Dist, $0

Christina Snow to Movement Mortgage LLC, Trust Inst #170003069, $0

Norma Marshpund to FAHE Inc., Trust Inst #180000954, $0