Dealership expands to better serve customers

Published 1:13 pm Saturday, June 2, 2018

by Kenya Smith/Intern

Blake Ford has been serving its customers for over 40 years, and now the Franklin-based car dealership is expanding its existing service center. The expansion has been under construction since April, and it is anticipated to be completed by this fall.

The addition will be 10 feet taller and 20 feet wider than the existing building, making it easier for the dealership to accommodate large vehicles. Six new service bays will be added, along with brand new equipment. Not only will the service center be expanded, the existing service center will also undergo remodeling. In total, it will cost $500,000 for the expansion to be completed.

Blake Blythe, owner of Blake Ford, explained that the decision to expand the service center was due to the progress and growth of the dealership’s service business.

“We have outgrown our service department, and the service business in our dealership is booming and becoming really busy,” said Blythe.

He hopes the expansion will help the dealership service utility trucks and commercial vehicles since they are big in size and can carry a large amount of tools and equipment, making them even heavier.

In general, the expansion will make it easier and quicker for the dealership to assist its clients.