Land transfers

Published 10:06 am Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Isle of Wight County

The following land transfers were recorded in Isle of Wight County Circuit Court in April:

Bayview Loan Servicing to Patrick Thompkins, Lot 14 Blk F Sykes – N/D, $126,300

Jorge A. Hall to Garland Windell Wilson, Lot 29 Sec 4B Wrenns Mill – H/D, $218,000

Thelma Pauline Bevins to PBSB LLC, Interest 90 Ac Ben Johnson Farm – H/D. $0

Richard Beale Tr. to Herbert E. Bevan III, 2 Parcels Red Point Heights 7 Par 18 Cm Beale, $610,000

Mark Stephen Cobb Tr. to Brenton K. Fraser, Lot 9 Sec 2 Carl Beale Prop, $285,000

Pennymac Loan Service to Heather Johnson, 1 Ac Jones Town Dr – H/D, $172,500

Glen Hoskin to Robert Allen Brobst Jr., Lot 149 Ph 4 Cypress Creek – T/S, $520,000

Founders Pointe LLC to David Wallace, Lot 273 Ph 2 Sec 2D3 Founders Pointe – N/D, $320,000

Amanda M. Subasavage to Matthew Jones, Unit Dr #608 Bldg 600 Ph 13 Bridgewater, $156,000

Brian A. Fischer to Benjamin Weiss, Lot 7 Lake Shores West – N/D, $293,000

David E. Wright Jr. to Andress Engineering Associate, 2.258 Ac Lees Mill and 2 parcels – W/D, $400,000

Trustee Services of Virginia to HSBC Bank USA Tr., Inst 05-7411, $323,466.14

Trustee Services of Virginia to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Inst 12-5939, $168,100

Connie Francis O’brien to Ericka Smith, 1.83 Ac VA Rd 667 HH Carroll – N/D Rescue, $182,500

Historic St. Luke’s Restoration to Linda J. Ross, Lot 645 Sec D St. Lukes, $800

Historic St. Luke’s Restoration to Penny Gayle Truitt Williams, PT Lot 153 Sec B St. Luke’s, $1,600

Thomas A. Little to Thomas A. Little Tr., Lot 260 Ph 2 Sec 2D5 Founders Pointe – N/D, $0

Pennymac Loan Services to Equity Trusteers Sub, Tr., Inst 17-2755 6.783 Ac Atchley Prop County Lane – W/D, $211,720

Christopher P. Boothe to John D. Gray Jr., Lt 169 Waterford Oads Sec V T/S, $318,900

Robin D. Tutterow to Vincent W. Barone, Lot 83 Waterford Oaks Sec 2, $290,000

Donald W. Altman to Brian Edward Pieroni, Lot 109 Cypress Creek Ph 11, $420,000

Custom Builders Express to Thomas Britt, .732 Ac T/W, $336,843

Kevin Morgan to Alexander D. Layden, Unit B Bldg 3100 Ph 24 Bridgewater, $208,000

John Milton Beale Jr. to John Milton Beale Tr., 3.476 Ac Portion John Beale – W/D, $0

Bank of America NA to Nationstar Mortgage, 220 South Church St. – T/S, $425,7000

Nationstar Mortgage to Benjamin A. Phelps, 220 South Church St. – T/S, $250,000

Robin E. Whitley to Robin E. Whitley, Lot 3 Blk H Grimesland, $0

IWC Residential Inc. to Kevin T. Morgan, Lot 45 Carrollton Manor – N/D, $430,320

John L. Macklin to John L. Macklin Tr., Int Bldg 4 Unit 4 Ph 2 Villas of Smithfield, $0

Sutaan Raheem Thomas to Christopher Sheppard, Lot 3 Blk Sykes Prop – N/D, $80,000

IWC Residential Inc. to Eric G. Westrick, Lot 8 Carrollton Manor – N/D, $372,000

Paul J. Wicker to Paul Julian Wicker Tr., Lot 160 Sec 3 Carisbrooke, $0

Jimmy R. Harrington Jr. to Adam F. Kleinholz, Inst 03-8458 Inst 14-1384, $0

Roger H. Glover to Tidewater Custom Modular Homes Inc., Glover Family Prop & Par E Add – N/D, $70,000

Diane C. Ansley to Ronald S. Butler, 1.12 Ac Sec 2 James River Shores – N/D, $420,000

Robert T. Miller to Samuel J. Bikkers Jr., Lot A Sec 4 Red Point Heights – N/D, $344,000

Benjamin Allen Phelps to Michael J. Fanguy, Lot 55 Ph Gatling Pointe South, $372,000

Seth E. Twery PC Sub Tr. to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc., Inst 18-1142, $0

Patsy M. Deluca to Chad J. Albert, 20.101 Ac Par B GP Larson – H/D, $232,250

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc., Lot 100 Ph 4A Benns Grant, $101,540

Jeffery D. Harrington to Joel R. Rivera, Lot 103 Ph 2 Sec 2C Founders Pointe – N/D, $439,000

Shirley K. Barlow to Lynn Barlow Briggs, 214.6 Ac & 15.88 Ac Tormentors Creek – N/D, $0

Joseph H. Bell to Crystal Bell Truselo, 8 ½ Ac Hwy 681 Adj Allmond – H/D, $0

Niki A. Gringer to Alan D. McPherson Jr., Lot 10 Watch Harbour – N/D, $330,000

Darren K. Berry to Diane C. Ansley, Unit 107 Ph 26 Eagle Harbor – N/D, $229,900

Noretta F. Davidson Tr. to Noretta F. Davidson, Parcel & 5.01 Ac Vellines Prp – N/D, $0

Melvin Newsome Jr. to JMJ Property Investments LLC, Parcel Jamestown Annex – W/D, $15,200

Marie C. Turner to Harold R. Turner, 112 Ac Jones Farm & 1.33 Ac Par C Mill Swamp, $0

John Raleigh Crocker III to Bryant T. Griffin, Lot 5 Sec 16 Red Point Heights – T/S, $205,000

Todd Builders Inc. to Dennis Thomas Johnson, Lot 47 Brewers Creek – N/D, $70,000

Arthur Locke III to Michael V. House, Lot 16 Sec 1 Moonfield Park – T/S, $240,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Alex J. Duell, Lot 38 Sec 2 Wrenns Mill Estate – H/D, $181,000

Edwards W. Shorter to Andrew L. Wiggins, Lot 37 Regatta Pointe, $375,000

John M. Anderson to Shaun Christopher Jordan, Lot 18 Ph 1A Ashby, $319,000

Glynn Alan Beale to Robert Earl Beale, Int 6.00 Ac Lot B Carrie S. Doggett – N/D, $0

Jane W. Price Decd. To Paul Allison, Lot 47 Sec 2 Carisbrooke, $295,000

Howard C. Mandeville Tr. to Lydia Doyle, 28.89 Ac Charles Stringfield Prop – N/D, $425,000

Angela R. Bowden to Ramon L. Roman, Parcel Adj CN Herrin Zuni – H/D, $118,000

Gail M. Hoy to Kimberly Ann Ambert, 3.87 Ac Remainder Hoy Prop – T/S, $450,000

Greg Butler to Paul Griffin Jackson, Lot 115 Ph A Scots Landing – T/S, $439,000

Derek W. Joyner to Scott Alvey, 1.012 Ac New Town Haven Lane – N/D, $299,900

Valerie Gale Coffield to Valerie Gale Coffield, Lot 5 Linwood Eley Est – W/D, $0

NVR Inc. to Corey Jackson, Lot 129 Ph 4A Benns Grant, $333,000

Matthew Newsom to Garrett H. Frank, Lot 24 Ph 2 Gatling Point South, $377,000

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc., Lot 119 Ph 4A Benns Grant, $102,100

Carrington Mortgage to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, $1.00

Richard S. Gordon Sp C. to Neal A. Rosenbaum, Cl 17-932 Lot 34 Sandy Mount Manor – N/D, $25,000

KT Homes LLC to Christopher M. Tews, Lot 59 Sec 1A Cypress Creek, $449,900

R and J Motel Management to Kenneth W. Sanders, 4.197 Ac Smithfield on the James – H/D, $86,5000

Robert A. Leach to Carl Thompson Jr., Lot 73 Aspen Woods – T/S, $314,900

Historic St. Luke’s Restoration to Michael Ray Bell, Pt Lot 150 & Pt Lot 151 Sec B St. Luke’s, $3,200

Historic St. Luke’s Restoration to Danny Edward Gray, Pt Lot 108 Sec B St. Luke’s, $1,600

Historic St. Luke’s Restoration to

Robin A. Wiatt to Robert B. Wiatt Jr., 2 Ac State Hwy 10 & 3.00 Ac Par B, $0

Nicole C. Hedgepeth to James M. Hedgepeth, 0.34 Ac Hwy 258 Walters Village, $0

Michael R. Stallings to Valerie A. Schmidt, 0.501 Add Courthouse Hwy – H/D, $4,500

Phelan W. Cox to Robert J. Tenetylo, Lot 248 Tr 2 Ph 6 Eagle Harbor – N/D, $359,900

Stephen L. Walters to Matthew R. Newsom, Lot 12 Mariners Pointe – N/D, $650,000

Teresa D. Thomas to Arthur J. Ohanian, Lot 13 Aberdeen Shores, $799,900

Derek Wade Joyner to Michael D. McNulty, 1.87 Ac Lot 1B Pt Kaminski – N/D, $417,000

Gregory A. Bergren to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Lot 3 Sec 3 Ph 1 Moonfield Park – T/S, $269,900

Scott Alan Gordon to Leslie Ruth Gordon, Lot 14 Sec 1 Wrenns Mill Estates, $0

BK Investment Group LLC to Robert G. Phillips, 0.92 Ac Par A EFG – N/D, $114,600

Timothy B. Keating to Heather B. Keating, Lot 12 Edgewood Estates Ph 2 -N/D, $0

Mills T. Robinson to Bryan Brooks, Old Post Office Lot, $1,500

Garland Edwards to Johnathan M. Vasaturo, Lot 8 Sec 4 Smithfield Heights – H/D, $272,800

Hunter G. Webb Jr. Exor to Sharron D. Sawyer, Stipulation Interest Residue 27.521 Ac – N/D, $0

HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads and Williamsburg to Chad P. Little, Lot 414 Cypress Creek Ph 2A – T/S, $437,335

Tract 3 LLC to Devan T. Gresham, Unit C Ph 26 Bridgewater, $155,000

Federal Home Loan Mortgage to Denise Holdorf, Lot E Sec 6 Add Carl Beale, $167,000

Martin Irvine Jr. to Matthew S. Paga, Lot 124 Ph 2 Sec 2A Founders Ponte, $451,000

Joseph C. Robinson Tr. to Ian Keller Vaughan, Lot 1 Paradise Heights First Add – H/D, $86,000

IWC Residential Inc. to Juan Cortez, Lot 31 Carrollton Manor – N/D, $440,190

James Kenneth Edwards to Prentice G. Tuck Jr., Parcel Marsha Edwards & Par B – H/D, $590,000

Leslie R. Oliver to Sean F. Holmer, 111 Institute St., Smithfield, $150,000

Scott Alan Gordon to Leslie Ruth Gordon, Lot 14 Sec 1 Wrenns Mill Estates, $0