My brother. My friend. My confidant. My hero

Published 9:51 am Saturday, May 26, 2018

To the Editor:

My brother, Carl, is the oldest of seven children: Joe, Teresa (me) Terry, Ronnie, Perry (R.I.P) and Dorice (R.I.P.) It is with the upmost highest degree of respect that we as his siblings have for him. Carl has overcome many obstacles, trials and tribulations in his life that many could not have overcome; not only overcome, but he also defeated the odds that were against him.

Teresa and Carl

My brother has never shown anything less than upmost respect for me, our siblings, my husband, James Richardson, and our children, Jheresa, James and Jerron. This is why I love him to the core of my being. Thank you, Carl, for being there for us when we need you.


Deciding where to start was the hardest part of writing this letter. My brother, Carl, has reached two major milestones in his life. He officially retired from the Virginia Army National Guard on Jan. 13, 2018. He took an oath to serve and protect the United States of America, which he did for 20-plus years. He was honorably discharged from the Army National Guard. A job well done. I salute you, Carl B. Harris. You took an oath, putting your life on the line for people whom you have never met (the ultimate sacrifice.) What an awesome man you are in my eyes.

In addition to his military background, as of May 1, Carl also retired from the Department of Corrections. He was an outstanding, loyal, dedicated and determined employee for 30-plus years.

He has worked at Deerfield Correctional Center, Southampton Intensive Treatment Center, Southampton Correctional Center, and his last 20 years were at Sussex 11 State prison in Sussex, Virginia.

After leaving Sussex state prison with the rank of captain (“He thinks he is the captain of our family. LOL.”)

My brother took his jobs seriously. He was always sharp as a tack. I remember watching him iron his work uniform for 40 minutes every day.

He would shine his shoes spit-clean. Regardless of what he did, he did it to the best of his ability. Which means that even when it came time for him to choose a wife, he knew he had to have the best wife and he did.

He married assistant warden of Deerfield Correctional Center, Joann Halsey-Harris, his bride 30 years ago this coming July. They have two children, Joe’l and Carl II, and one beautiful granddaughter, Jaylyn.

The love and respect his family has for him is immeasurable

Other than helping his family and other people, his favorite thing to do is fishing and playing cornhole.

Carl’s parents, Joseph S. Harris of Drewryville, Virginia, and Mary L. Wyche Harris (R.I.P.) are very proud of the accomplishments and choices Carl has made in his life.

It is not his retirements that are so inspiring to me, it is his long journey. The different roads of life he has traveled and conquered, his achievements, growth, respect and willingness to help others.

I love you, my brother, and I am beyond proud of you, captain of our family, Carl Bernard Harris.

Thanks to The Tidewater News for allowing me to express my love to a well-deserved man, my brother.

Teresa Harris-Richardson