Southampton County Public Schools: The place to be

Published 10:16 am Friday, May 25, 2018

The astronaut, mechanic, surgeon, reporter and school superintendent: what do they all have in common? Everything. Everything they learned about their chosen profession, they learned from a teacher. Southampton County is fortunate to have stellar teachers who are among the best in the nation. They go above and beyond to provide an educational experience that is second to none.

As a lifelong educator who began as a classroom teacher, I will be the first to say that teaching, today, is not an easy task. With the various academic levels of students, it is incumbent upon teachers to be knowledgeable, creative, compassionate and innovative to meet the specific needs of all students. The teachers of Southampton County spend countless hours preparing for the students. After working all day, teachers spend nights, weekends and holidays grading papers, talking to parents, coaching extra-curricular activities and learning new skills to be well equipped to deliver a first-class educational experience to our students.

For a teacher at the beginning, middle or nearing the end of their tenure, Southampton County Public Schools is “The Place To Be.” We have bright students, outstanding administrators and a state-of-the-art curriculum, supported by many resources, which prepares our students for a complex society and an ever-changing world. Southampton County has many teachers who serve their entire tenure in the county because of the success of the school division and the family atmosphere of the schools. Moreover, our reputation for success transcends the borders of our county. Many new teachers have multiple offers for employment yet choose Southampton County because they have heard and seen the magnificent things our students and teachers accomplish.

Teachers in Southampton County are “Expanding Excellence” every day by working diligently to master 21st-century skills for 21st-century learners and innovators. Technological advances worldwide have made teachers more accessible to students and parents than ever before. It is common for students to use technology each day in the classroom, to respond to teaching assignments via social media, and to communicate with parents the events and expectations for the week through various electronic platforms. Our teachers strive to remain at the forefront of educational technology to ensure our students are informed and prepared for today and the future.

In honor of National Teacher Appreciation Month, I would like to thank every educational professional who has accepted the formidable challenge and privilege of shaping our future by developing the minds of our students. Versatility, astuteness, competence, compassion, selflessness, and excellence are among the reasons I salute our teachers. Every day I see the evidence of the hard work and dedication of our teachers and the results of their labor as it is exhibited through our students’ growth, excitement and love of learning.

As the superintendent of Southampton County Public Schools, I am proud to salute our teachers. I recognize that every successful individual has had an influential teacher that laid the foundation for excellence and paved the way for success. It is the teacher who works and gives of themselves for the benefit of the students. Teachers are the motivating force that help students discover the greatness they possess. In Southampton County, our teachers are the epitome of excellence. They create, experience, live and pass excellence on to our students.

DR. GWENDOLYN SHANNON is superintendent of Southampton County Schools. Call 653-2692.