Don’t stop exploring

Published 12:35 pm Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The other night, high school students at Windsor Elementary School presented their latest Expo of Deeper Learning. This is a tangible proof of what the Dukes have learned in algebra, English, history … you get the idea.

To each visitor, and there were many, the students were required to explain not only their display or demonstration, but also more importantly what they gained from the experience. Many told how their instructors were both instrumental and encouraging about the projects.

A few examples:

• Calculus and physics came together in creating roller-coasters. Solved equations were painstakingly plotted on graph paper to create peaks and valleys and turns that would make the bravest souls think twice before boarding.

• Chemistry students showed it is possible to change water into wine and then into milk. The right combination of chemicals can do the “trick.”

• Construction, technology and costume design were found in the smoke-breathing dragon that was used for the school’s recent production of “Shrek. The Musical.”

On and on throughout the halls it went. Impressive displays of academic exploration.

Our hope for these and every student is they won’t make the mistake to stop learning after graduation, whether after high school or college.

There’s a lot of knowledge and experience waiting to be discovered.