Western Tidewater cleans up well

Published 10:30 am Saturday, May 12, 2018

by Anne Parker

The Franklin Garden Club and the Historic Southside Chapter of the Virginia Master Naturalists are pleased to report that their efforts for April Clean River Month have been a resounding success.

Over 175 people volunteered their time to ensure that the community in which we live and work remains as pristine as possible. We are extremely fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful waterways and scenic views. The volunteer hours put forth by these groups help maintain the beauty and health of the rivers and our community.

There were 238 bags of trash collected plus 11 tires, five paint cans, siding from a house, huge cherry float, TV set, tricycle, several pieces of metal, and two rooms worth of carpet. This trash was collected from the Blackwater and Nottoway rivers, roadside ditches and other areas that feed the rivers. There were 395 total volunteer hours. Groups that participated included

  1. Arrowhead and Solenis — 5 bags of trash; 6 members; 18 hours volunteered
  2. Bronco Federal Credit Union — 12 bags of trash; 13 members; 13 hours volunteered
  3. City of Franklin Community Development — 12 bags of trash; 9 members; 54 hours volunteered
  4. Country Acres Garden Club — 5 bags of trash; 5 members; 15 hours volunteered
  5. Franklin Cruise In — 4 bags of trash; 21 members; 3 hours volunteered
  6. Franklin Garden Club — 42 bags of trash; 14 members; 40 hours volunteered
  7. Franklin Lions Club — 9 bags of trash; 11 members; 22 hours volunteered
  8. GFWC Tarrara Women’s Club — 11 bags of trash; 7 members 15 hours volunteered
  9. Harper Family of Farmers Bank — 18 bags of trash; 4 members; 16 hours volunteered
  10. Historic Southside Chapter, Virginia Master Naturalists — 18 bags of trash; 5 members; 16 hours volunteered
  11. Hubbard Peanut Company — 45 bags of trash; 17 members; 51 hours volunteered
  12. James L. Camp Jr. YMCA Leaders Club — 6 bags of trash; 24 members; 24 hours volunteered
  13. Nottoway Indian Tribe of Virginia — 15 bags of trash; 8 members; 24 hours volunteered
  14. Paul D. Camp Community College — 4 bags of trash; 6 members; 6 hours volunteered
  15. River of Life Church — 4 bags of trash; 4 members; 8 hours volunteered
  16. RiverGuard — 3 bags of trash; 1 member; 6 hours volunteered
  17. Sedley Baptist Church Youth Group — 10 bags of trash; 18 members; 62 hours volunteered
  18. Mystery Citizens — 15 bags of trash

We are aware that there were others who participated in Clean River Month, but these were the groups that were registered. It is not too late to participate in Clean River Day. If you would like to contribute to the health of the Blackwater and Nottoway watershed community in which we live, please contact Dick Gilbert rbgilbert@gmail.com or Anne Parker annegbparker@gmail.com. We have litter-getters, vests and bags for those who need them.

The sponsors of the event, the Franklin Garden Club and the Historic Southside Chapter of the Virginia Master Naturalists, appreciate all the work done by these volunteers and look forward to another successful cleanup in 2019.