New businesses coming to downtown

Published 12:26 pm Friday, May 11, 2018

We’re pleased as wedding cake punch to welcome three new future businesses to downtown, all of which will be owned and operated by professional businesswomen: Katrina Manley, Kim Mallon and Andrea Epps. On Wednesday, they received the green light to proceed in making their individual visions concrete. That’s when big checks, courtesy of the Virginia Department of Housing Community Business Launch, were distributed for an interior decorating service, child therapy and a bakery, which will specialize in wedding cakes.

As reported during last year’s inaugural event, the STARTUP program is intended to bring new businesses to downtown. In 2017, a restaurant, gym and meeting venue were the first such additions.

The Franklin-Southampton Economic Development Inc. and Downtown Franklin Association are the major agencies behind this initiative. The staff continues to show dedication to making the district a worthwhile place to shop and visit.

Naturally, the sponsors certainly deserve thanks for the part: BB&T, Bronco Federal Credit Union, Farmers Bank, Insercorp, Real Country 101.7 WLQM-FM and Wells Fargo. Modesty forbids naming the other sponsor.

As with the first year’s winners and soon the new batch, we urge residents in Franklin and Southampton to support their local businesses whether in the city or the county. Everyone profits when we do.