Land transfers

Published 9:47 am Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Southampton County

The following land transfers were recorded in Southampton County Circuit Court in April:

Paul L. Leathers to Meliss Leathers Anderson, 1.002 Acre Rt 731 Newsoms Dist., $0

O E Parker III to Grayland Company L P, $0

Ronald Lee Williams to Ronald Lee Williams, Franklin Dist., Lot 14 Nottoway Gardens Sec Two, $0

Patel & Dalryple PLLC Tr to Garland W. Edwards, Capron Dist., Inst #070005224, $69,731

Leroy Holloway to Leroy David Holloway, $0

Hubert Reginald Kitchen, Record Real Estate Affidavit, $0

Stevens Woods II Limited Partn to Stevens Woods II Apartments LI, 2.56481 Acres Courtland Town, $738,292.30

W Group LLC to Charles A. Derby, 11.18 Acres Franklin Dist., $69,000

Michael A. Silva to Michael J A Silva, 9.47 Acres Unity Road Jerusalem Dist., $0

Derrick L. Ledbetter to Melissa R. Fowler, 23002 East Depot Street Newsoms Town, $119,900

William L. Stephens to Steven Ray Jones, 2.446 Acres Berlin Ivor Dist., $135,080

Samuel I. White PC to Federal National Mortgage Asso, 9390 Doles Road Ivor Town, $160,000

Vernon T. Babb to Maurice Savage, 30162 Sycamore Avenue Jerusalem Dist., $204,000

Jane B. Jones, Record Exemplified Will from NC and Pay Proba Tac on Real Estate in So Co, $0

William L. Ellis III to Hanlan Clarke, 4 Ares Rt 680 Newsoms Dist., $260,000

Sandra D. Barnes to Matthew L. Drake, 187 Acres Newsoms Dist., $330,000

Jennifer Bott to William M. Frame, Bethel Farms, $289,000

John M. Beale Jr. to John M. Beale Jr., Parcel 1 57 Acres, 2 Parcels Jerusalem Dist., $0

Johm Milton Beale Jr. to John Milton Beale Jr. Trust Dat, Parces Jerusalem Dist and Franklin City

Carolyn Beale Cheshire to Carolyn Beale Cheshire Trust, Jeursalem Dist. & Franklin City

Cheryl Allan Starkr AKA to Thomas S. Williams, 1.24 Acrdes Lot 12 Sedley Village