Get out and vote on Tuesday

Published 11:44 am Saturday, April 28, 2018

Voting on Tuesday’s municipal election might not be as exciting as a presidential race, but it’s no less important. The consequences of the choices that voters in the city of Franklin and Southampton County make on their ballots next week will be felt locally for the next several years, particularly when it comes time for each municipality to re-evaluate its local tax policies and its budget priorities for a new fiscal year.

In the city of Franklin, voters will have the opportunity to re-elect or select new representation for the offices of mayor, Ward 3 representative and Ward 6 representative.

The Ward 5 seat on council is also up for grabs, as its current representative, Mary Hilliard, announced earlier this year that she would not seek another term.

In Southampton County, the towns of Courtland, Boykins, Newsoms, Capron and Ivor also all have at least one seat on town council up for election, as well as a mayoral election.

While most Isle of Wight County residents won’t be heading to polls on Tuesday, they will have the opportunity to do so come July 24 when it comes time to vote in a special election for the next county sheriff.

We encourage all who live in these localities to do their civic duty come Tuesday and to not only vote, but also to make an informed decision.