Land transfers

Published 11:27 am Friday, April 20, 2018

Southampton County

The following land transfers were recorded in Southampton County Circuit Court in March:

Virginia Housing Development to Butler Boykin Properties LLC, Franklin City Lot 20, $17,000.

International Paper Company to City of Franklin, Franklin City Plat book 36 pages 91, 92, 93, $0.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Lemuel Williams, Franklin City 801 Gardner St., $94,100.

Sean Michael Marston to Bronco Federal Credit Union, Trust Inst. #140002262, $125,939.

Meadow Ridge Apartments RLL to Meadowbridge Apartments LLC, Franklin City College Drive, $0.

Branch Banking and Trust Company to Lemuel Williams Corp., Franklin City 808 Gardner ST., $70,000.

Barry J. Schneider to Quinzell Tyree Brown, Franklin City Lot 6, $275,000.

Louise Morings, Record real estate affidavit in Franklin, $0.

Nicol Timara Britt, Qualify administrator, $0.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage to Mornings Rental LLC, Franklin City Lot 20 and 21 Block 2, $38,500.

Jeanette Pandora McAllister, Record real estate affidavit, $0.

Lessie F. Whitley to John C. Buchanan, Franklin City Fairview Lot 5, $124,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Lindsey Cofield, Franklin City 112 Holland Circle Trust Inst. #170003026.

Mark T. Phillips to James T. Cooke, Franklin City, $36,000.

Thomas G. Jones IV to Thomas G. Jones IV Revocable, Franklin City 2 parcels, $0.

Branch Banking and Trust Company to Ross A. Preau, Franklin City Trust Inst. #170002974, $16,500.

Gregory Leon Johnson, Record real estate affidavit, $0.

David D. Slaton to Richard G. Casper, Franklin City Lot 26 Section Two Holliknol, $269,900.

Kenneth E. Story to Rachel K. Parker, Franklin City, $117,500.

Ardith Curle to Ernest F. Curle Jr., Franklin City Lot 9 Section A and B Section Two Quail Ridge, $3,000.

Gregory Amard Miller, Record real estate affidavit, $0.

Robert M. Britt to N.Q. Bashir, Franklin City Lot 44, $0.

Mona B. Johnson to Gregory L. Johnson, Franklin City Lot 3 Holliknol Section I, $0.

Nancy B. Carlos to Mark E. Baker, Newsoms Dist. Riverdale Drive Lot 2 10 acres, $26,000.

James D. Weir to Brenda J. Hoskins, Berlin Ivor Dist. 12.5 acres, $36,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Kaloyan Kolev, Berlin Ivor Dist. Trust Inst. #170002156, $47,900.

Purdy M. House, Record real estate affidavit, $0.

Kenneth T. McManus to Christopher Drake, Boykins Dist. Statesville Road 12.167 acres, $57,900.

William Reveal to Robert Vernon Reveal, Ivor Town, $0.

Lester Jerrod Artis to Yasmin Moodie, Capron Dist. 21481 Barrow Road Plat book 36 page 89, $0.

Larue J. Brittle to Thomas N. Cogsdale Trust, Jerusalem Dist. Parcel A Plat book 36 page 90, $1,152.

Edwin P. Cotton, Real estate affidavit, $0.

John S. Carter to Thomas N. Cogsdale Trust, Jerusalem Dist. Parcel B Plat book 36 page 90, $384.00.

Wanda V. Cotton to Carla C. Vaughan, Franklin Dist. Plat book 36 page 82, $0.

Denise C. Harcum to Wanda Vick Cotton, Franklin Dist., $0.

Fannie Mae AKA to Kelly Pennington, Franklin Dist. Trust Inst. #170002352, $245,000.

Obed Paul Higgins III to Higgins Partners LLLP, Southampton County 824.32 acres, $0.

Zoe Teachey to Zoe Ramos, Jerusalem Dist., $0.

Jean Dunlow Nahrebecki, Record real estate affidavit, $0.

Julia Stephenson Gray, Record will no appointment, $0.

Kevin J. Labat to Alton P. King, Berlin Ivor Dist., $234,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Bradley Jarratt, Capron Dist. 20454 Barrow Road, $89,064.

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Premier Investment Servicing, Drewryville Dist. Inst. #170000382, $62,318.81.

Stearns Lending LLC by AIF to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Berlin Ivor Dist. 14325 Wakefield Road, $10.

Mary Burgess Drake, Record real estate affidavit, $0.

Bettie Mae Green Bean, Probate will and qualify executor, $0.

Timothy E. McCormick to Vicksville Farms LLC, 194.4 acres Jerusalem Dist., $175,000.

U.S. Bank National Association to Providence Assets LLC, Franklin City 225 Hall St. Trust Inst. #170002865, $18,000.

Yasmin Moodie to Yasmin Moodie, Capron Dist. 21481 Barrow Road, $0.

Guy E. Phelps to Guy E. Phelps, Ivor Town, $0.

Kelli M. Harryman to Kelli M. Harryman, Franklin Dist. 29478 Deer Trail, $0.

North Street Investments LLC to Taneshia N. Jenkins, Courtland Town, $189,000.

Roderick L. Moore to Fox Ridge II LLC, Franklin Dist. 2 parcels, $239,000.

Amanda Lynn Crumpler to Timothy S. Smith, Franklin Dist. Lot 46 Section III Scottswood, $250,000.

Douglas A. Chesson to Daniel B. Farrenkopf, Berlin Ivor Dist. 2 parcels, $100,000.

Darden W. Jones Jr. to Southampton Franklin Habitat, Franklin City 2 parcels Plat book 36 page 95, $31,900.

Doris B. Holt to Fenton B. Holt III, Franklin Dist. Lot 62 Section Two and Three Scottswood, $268,000.

David Few Easterling, Probate will no appointment, $0.

Wayne L. Carr to Bernice Carr Wilson, Franklin Dist. Edgehill Section I Lot 14, $0.

Wayne L. Carr to Bernice Carr Wilson, Southampton County 6 plots, $0.

Jean Gray Ivey, Record real estate affidavit, $0.

Connie V. Marks to James M. Nicholson, Capron Dist., $0.

Robert E. Croak to Robert E. Croak, Drewryville Dist., $0.

Samuel Eugene Story to Courtland Youth Athletic Assoc., Jerusalem Dist., $0.

John Nelson Johnson to Clay Cailey, Jerusalem Dist. 2 parcels, $68,000.

Teresa A. Files to Teresa A. Files, Franklin Dist. Lot 15 Section One Lankford Acres, $0.

Jessica Michelle Little to Jessica Michelle Harris, $0.

Mary Angeleine Garrison, Appoint administrator, $0.

Christopher T. Reed to SPECBLD LLC, Jerusalem Dist. Lot 3 Darden Mill Estates, $27,500.

Lisa Renee Griffin to Lisa Renee Jones, $0.

Elizabeth Ann Rigard to Elizabeth Ann Delvecchio, $0.

McCoy Randolph Wellons Sr., Record real estate affidavit, $0.

Paula L. Peaden to Larry M. Murphy Sr., Newsoms Dist., $0.

Darden W. Jones Jr. to Blunt Branch Timber LLC, Southampton County Lots 13 and 14 56.69 acres, $60,000.

Thomas P. Bailey to Steven J. Davison Jr., Berlin Ivor Dist. 3 parcels, $256,250.

Franklin Lewis Gray to Selinda S. Green, Jerusalem Dist. 1.18 acres, $0.

Mary B. Powell to Larry J. Jones II, Capron Dist. 0.459 acres Lot 3 and Lot 4, $119,750.

Robbin Covington to Charquena R. Graham, Newsoms Dist. 2.083 acres Lot 4, $135,000.

Fannie Mae AKA to Seth M. Morris, Capron Dist. 22176 Medicine Springs Road, $49,000.

Donna I. Decker to Donna I Decker Irrevocable, Drewryville Dist. 2 parcels, $0.

Renewable Green Inc. to Richard Dale Steiner, Boykins Dist., $70,000.

Commonwealth Asset Services to Dillon M. Hasty, Trust Inst. #090001981, $67,241.

SPECBLD LLC to Joseph Antiskay, Berlin Ivor Dist. 1.006 acres Section Two Subdivision Unity Road, $219,900.

Peter M. Pearl to Robert M. Clarke, 174.55 acres Drewryville Dist., $261,210.

James E. Venezia to James E. Venezia, Newsoms Dist. 1 acre, $0.

Robert E. Branche to William Chad Keeter, Jerusalem Dist. Plat book 36 page 96 and 97, $0.

Henry Wayne Reames, Record real estate affidavit, $0.

Janice T. Reames to Kelly R. Jarratt, Boykins Town, $0.

Elizabeth Dawn Mahoney to Elizabeth Dawn Edwards, $0.

Sarah Branch Sykes to Sarah Branch, $0.

Christii Jeanette Stipp to Hunter Darden IV, Jerusalem Dist. 1.671 acres, $0.

M. Reginald Warren to M. Reginald Warren, Franklin Dist. Sycamore Church Road, $172,807.

Dennis Thomas Bryant, Probate will and qualify executor, $0.

City of Emporia to County of Greensville, Drewryville Dist., $0.

J.R. Williams to Jay Kenneth Williams, Boykins Town, $0.

Richard F. Cutchins to Charles M. Saunders III, Jerusalem Dist. Plat book 36 page 99, $20,000.

William W. Fuller to Colleen I. Fuller, Ivor Town 8480 Main St., $0.

George L. Story to Carrington Mortgage Services, Trust Inst. #08001531 Newsoms Dist., $140,940.

Fannie Mae AKA to Leslie Kistler, Franklin Dist. Edgehill Lot 25 Section II Inst. #170001159, $125,500.

Patricia W. Harding Tr. to Charles B. Johnson, 2 parcels Boykins Dist., $240,000.

C. Cutchin Powell Jr. to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC, Boykins Dist., $22,750.

Edward bradley Bynum Jr. to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC, Newsoms Dist., $2,383.34.

Bernice Carr Wilson to Josh A. Wyche Jr., Franklin Dist. Edgehill Section I Lot 14, $132,100.

George B. Joseph to Randy A. Petrasek, Jerusalem Dist. Lot K 2 acres Unity Road, $0.

Shavonne Denese Patterson to Shavonne Denese Johnson, $0.

Professional Foreclosure Corp. to Wells Fargo Bank. N.A., Trust Inst. #100001690, $166,050.

Franklin K. Land to Charles P. Andrews Sr., Franklin Dist. Lot 8 Nottoway Manor, $167,000.

Christopher D. Dickens to Quinton M. Porter, Capron Dist. Lot 3A, $99,900.

Barrett Family Farms LLC to Lucian F. Draper Jr., Capron Dist. Plat book 36 page 100, $0.

Virginia Housing Development to Build Team LLC, Franklin Dist. Lot 5, $49,000.

Martinette Properties LLC to Anthony Drake Builders LLC, Jerusalem Dist., $0.

Anthony Drake builders LLC to Heidi Turner, Jerusalem Dist., $16,000.

Drucella Hicks to Drucella Hicks, Ivor Town, $0.

Larry N. Price to Christopher J. Wolfgang, Berlin Ivor Dist. Lot 17 0.919 acres, $203,500.

J.C. Land Ventures LLC to SPECBLD LLC, Inst. #170001389 and Inst. #170002098, $0.

Beneficial Mortgage Co. of Virginia to Equity Trustees LLC, Inst. #170002481, $0.

Donna I. Decker to Donna I. Decker, Drewryville Dist., $0.

William Horace Warren to William H. Warren Jr., Inst. #100001126, $0.