Another positive influence in PDCCC athletics

Published 11:29 am Friday, April 20, 2018

The announcement that the coach for Paul D. Camp Community College’s future softball team has been selected is welcome news. For anyone who somehow missed it, Carrie Hoeft from Chesapeake was named by President Dr. Dan Lufkin and Head Coach David Mitchell on Monday here at The Tidewater News.

Last year, when we reported on the formation of the baseball team, it was noted that softball would follow after the PDC Hurricanes were well established and playing. Thankfully, there’s been no apparent dragging of cleats on the ball field in this matter.

Not surprisingly, Hoeft bring years of experience both in playing as well as in coaching.

Perhaps more importantly, she won’t be here just for a new job, but also to share her passion for the game with young women who also love softball.

We were further encouraged by Hoeft’s goal of becoming a positive mentor both off and on the field. As with school teachers, coaches can be a major influence in a young person’s life.

Like you, we trust she’ll find players ready, willing and able to sign on this summer and be prepared for the ball team by autumn.

A tip of the baseball cap to PDCCC for continuing to work on developing the athletic program, which benefits not just the college, but also the community.