Tribe receives grant

Published 11:50 am Saturday, April 7, 2018

The Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Indian Tribe and Tribal Heritage Foundation has announced it has recipients of the American Evolution 2019 Commemoration grant, which according to Chief Walt “Red Hawk” Brown was a one-to-one match of $480 totaling $960.

This grant is administered by the Virginia Tourism Corporation, and will provide opportunities for the tribe to promote awareness of its tribal history and the Cattashowrock Town Tourism Program.

Chief Walt “Red Hawk” Brown stated in an email that he working with a representative of Virginia Humanities Grant to replace the interpretative trail signs.

“We are asking for a $7,000 one-to-one match. We have already factored in the $7,000 in-kind match, via installation labor and prep, Artist Design cost and research, Narrative (explaining the floral and fana) in our native language converter over to English; to include cost of materials.”

He added, “We are looking at 48 signs at a cost of approximately $100 each plus materials, post, placards, screws and metal plates.