Land Transfers

Published 2:27 pm Friday, April 6, 2018

southampton County

The following land transfers were recorded in Southampton County Circuit Court in January:

National Retail Properties LP to M&M Property Investment LL, Franklin City, $121,000.

SG17 LLC to John T. Walls, Franklin City 0.8 acres Beechwood Drive, $248,500.

Elizabeth D. Edwards to George M. Robinson III, Franklin City Joyner Farm Section 1 Lot 15, $179,900.

Emily Garrett Lippe, Record will and qualify executor, $0.

Frederick Taylor to Franklin Dean Pulley, Franklin City 1.845 acres, $278,500.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Lisa S. Glover, 315C Clay Court Franklin City, $65,000.

Lisa S. Glover to Eastern Enterprises LLC, 315C Clay Court Franklin City, $0.

Burton C. Bradshaw Jr. to Burton C. Bradshaw Jr., Franklin City, $0.

Melanie C. Gayle to Matthew Spencer, Franklin City 2 parcels, $237,000.

Anthony Drake Builders to William L. Wells Jr., Pines of Ivor Ivor Town, $192,000.

CB Premier Properties LLC to Justin E. Cartwright, Franklin Dist., $138,000.

Keith L. Tennessee to Shawn D. Cain Sr., Drewryville Dist. 4.554 acres Tennessee Road, $159,975.

Phillip D. Hryczaniuk to Morales Fray Ramirez, Franklin Dist., $158,500.

Kevin C. Drake to Suzanne D. Drake, Newsoms Dist. 1.003 acres, $0.

Equity Trustees LLC to Bank of America NA, Courtland Town 26365 Shady Brook Trail Trust Inst. #070003075, $30,032.35.

Roland Winfield Chapman, Real estate affidavit for transfer of property, $0.

John H. Stephenson III to John H. Stephenson III, Berlin Ivor Dist., $0.

John S. Drames Jr. to John S. Drames Jr., Jerusalem Dist., $0.

Donnie P. Whitfield to Barry Taylor, 1.21 acres Angelico Road Capron Dist., $4,700.

Barry Taylor to Barry Taylor, 1 acre Highway 657, $0.

Matthew R. Woods to Darrell J. Harrison II, Branchville Town, $150,000.

Lanneau D. Miller to John H. Stephenson III, Berlin Ivor Dist., $36,950.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Jeffrey Amos Banks, Berlin Ivor Dist. 15158 Ivor Road Inst. #170001722, $218,300.

Donald L. McNeese to Michael E. McNeese, Capron Dist. 12.1 acres Lot 9 Medicine Springs East Sec. 3, $0.

Brynats Farm LLC to Letitia C. Crumpler, Newsoms Dist. Plat Book 36 page 77, $0.

Pete Thomas Twisdale II to Percell Branch, Newsoms Dist., $69,900.

ALG Trustee LLC Tr. to U.S. Bank Trust NA Tr., Trust Inst. #000003982, $78,885.82.

Jeffery Scott Joyner, Probate will and appoint executor, $0.

Clay J. Bailey to Mary L. Eosso, Berlin Ivor Dist. No. 2, $171,000.

J.P. Morgan Chase Bank NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Capron Dist. Trust Inst. #140000467, $10.

Dorothy Holland Pugh, Probate will – no appt., $0.

Joe Nye Wiggins to James R. Nurney, Capron Dist., $345,000.

Castlerock 2017 LLC to Shane D. Noblin, Branchville Town, $13,900.

David L. Rhodes to Joseph Griffith, Courtland Town, 22202 Linden St., $155,000.

Towne Development Corp. to Ronald Ewald, Jerusalem Dist., $249,411.

Edward O. Brown to Chester M. Hicks, 1 acre Highway 654 Capron Dist., $0.

Allen Frederick Bagwell, File real estate affidavit, $0.

Susan E. McNeese to Bradley C. Middleton, Berlin Ivor Dist. Parcel C Cabin Point Road, $163,000.

H. Preston Futrell Jr. to Well Christian Fellowship, Branchville Dist. $0.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Sparkmaster 5 Company LLC, Franklin Dist. Trust Inst. #170002696, $50,002.

Clarence Avery Nowlin, Probate will only, $0.

Amy Joyce Snyder to Amanda Lynn Crumpler, Frnaklin Dist., $50,000.

Rebecca W. Worrell to Jeremy N. Rowland, Newsoms Town, $127,000.

Li Hei Enterprises Inc. to Eagle on 3 LLC, 36511 General Mahone Blvd., $160,000.

Alan J. Ange to Mary Alice Oakes, Southampton County New Road, $0.

Harvey Shelly, Record copy of will filed in Virginia Beach, $0.

Chester M. Hicks to Edward O. Brown, 1 acre Highway 657 Capron Dist., $0.

Heikens Well Inc. to Randy Earl Heikens, Franklin Dist. 1 acre, $0.

William W. Carter, Real estate affidavit for property on Marshal, $0.

Marie Jarratt Carter, Probate will of Marie Carter no appointment, $0.

Alan Leslie Echols, Real estate affidavit – property in Drewryville, $0.

Theodore R. Drake Jr. to Gary Coley, Franklin Dist. 120.65 acres, $190,000.

Mary Ann Scott, Record will and qualify executor, $0.

Nancy Bryant Carl to Betty B. Mulder, 2 acres Newsoms Dist., $40,000.

Ashley Johnson Fowler to Ashley Nicole Johnson, $0.

William Ward Fuller II to William Ward Grossman, $0.

Mary Hicks to Crystal Burke, Berlin Ivor Dist. 3 parcels, $0.

Samuel I. White P.C. Tr. to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., Trust Inst. #080000051, $79,300.

Shirley C. Martin to Brian Todd Robbins, 32551 General Mahone Blvd., $416,000.

Melvin M. Wofford to Antawan L. Joe, Capron Dist. 2 parcels, $129,000.

Betty B. Mulder to Betty B. Mulder, Franklin Dist. Lot 12, $0.

Odell Worrell Life Estate to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC, $7,572.51.

Robert C. Simmer to Matthew W. Lambera, Franklin Dist. Section Two Scottswood, $225,000.

Phillip Neave to Melissa N. Darden, Berlin Ivor Dist. Plat Book 36 page 83, $0.

Raymond Davis Bryant Jr. to Raymond Davis Bryant Jr., Newsoms Dist. Plat Book 36 page 84, $0.

Karen B. Keels to Jeffery David Clifford, Newsoms Town, $7,600.

William Earl Johnson to Matthew Arlen Jones, Franklin Dist. 2 parcels, $10,000.

Bradish Properties Inc. to Lee G. Hooker, Berlin Ivor Dist., $115,000.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC By to Nationstar Mortgage LLC DBA, Trust Inst. #120001940, $0.