Franklin schools seek used musical instruments

Published 1:11 pm Saturday, March 31, 2018

Do you have a saxophone still in good condition, but languishing in your attic? Is there a worthy clarinet hoping you’ll one day pick it up and play again? Perhaps even a tuba gathering dust down in the basement? Free them from their solitude and put those musical instruments into the hands of students who could make much, much better use of them.

Donte Robinson, band director for both Franklin High and J.P. King Jr. Middle schools, said, “We’ll take anything we can get our hands on. We have very few working instruments.”

In many instances, the students have been fingering their way to learning notes.

There’s no set number of instruments required, he said, adding for emphasis, “We’re trying to get anything and everything we can. We’re sharing instruments at both schools.”

Drums, flutes, sousaphones and even another tuba, for example, would be much appreciated. Bear in mind, that all contributed instruments should be in working order.

The aim is to obtain as many usable instruments as possible before approaching the Franklin City Educational Foundation for any monetary contributions to buy new instruments.

If you have aforementioned instruments, drop them off at the high school. Donors can leave their name, address and instrument’s value in order to get a tax letter from the foundation.

To contribute, contact Robinson at JPK at 562-4631, ext. 3236, or FHS at 562-5187.