Teen offers her opinion on guns

Published 10:31 am Wednesday, March 14, 2018

To the Editor:
I as an American citizen have rights; the Second Amendment is the right to bear arms. Trying to take “big guns” away, meaning an AK or an AR, is pointless. We have the right to own guns, however big or small. People are scared to walk out of there homes because they feel unprotected. Letting the government take our rights away by taking our guns is not right. Taking our guns away only keeps the innocent people from not having guns. This is the Second Amendment because of how important it is.

The walkout is to honor the 17 kids that have died in the school shooting in Florida. Therefore, we stand outside for 17 minutes. I fully understand and have respect for the 17 people, but I feel as if we don’t need to go outside to prove our respects. For example, say that I believe in God, which does not mean I have to go to church to prove my point. We can pay our respects by doing other things. I as a teenager don’t know everything in the world and I’m willing to learn more about this topic, but what I happen to know I don’t fully agree with. I believe that people are not fully educated on this topic. They just know what their parents know and say. There are a lot of ex-military and retired military that are trained for protection. A simple solution would be to hire them at schools.

Most people probably have the thought of arming teachers, and as what I have heard most teachers are not educated about arming them. My teacher and I have talked about it and she thinks that the gun and bullets go in two different safes, although that is false. If they do arm teachers they will have one safe and that safe would be only big enough to fit a small gun in it. The safe would be able to bolt down to a desk or under the teacher’s desk. The safe will have a fingerprint lock where you place five fingers on the touch pad, not a combination with numbers so that if there was an unwanted person that happened to come in, you go to the safe and it will take less then a second to unlock. The gun would all ready be loaded and the safety would be on with the bullets in the magazine. Teachers will not be forced to have a gun; they do it on their own will. The gun would most likely be donated if the schools was not able to afford the gun.

My country fought for our rights and for these people and the government to take them away is pointless, Why did we fight for freedom if they’re going to take guns and our rights away? We are the only free county, no matter how much people try to take away guns it will never happen. There are too many people in this country that will fight and give up there own life for people like me and my dad to keep our guns and fight for what is right. People are old enough to buy assault weapons but not opinions.

Journey Brooke Hunnicutt