Franklin teen aims for club scholarship

Published 12:19 pm Saturday, March 10, 2018

A Franklin teen is in line to get a $25,000 scholarship all because of her involvement in the Franklin Unit of Boys and Girls Clubs of Southeastern Virginia.

Jabria Cross, 17 going on 18, said she’s been active with the organization since she was 7.

“My mom signed me up. I asked, ‘Where are all these kids going? I want to go there,” said Jabria Cross about how she got started.

Among the activities that Cross has participated in are Healthy Habits as well as tutoring the smaller children with their homework. Those youngsters include her siblings, Jakayla Brown and Jahein Wilson; they are the children of Eric Taylor and Kurtisha Wilson-Taylor.

Part of Cross’ application was to write three essays. The first is about her club experiences, such as those described above. The second essay was about her vision for America. Hers features helping the homeless by giving them a sense of belonging in the community.

The theme of her third essay was putting to an end to teen gangs. Getting those teens engaged into something other than gangs is part of her solution. That includes encouraging those youth so that they want to go to school and participate in athletics.

Should Cross win locally, there are state, regional and even national levels in which she could also compete. The latter prize includes a car, makes her eyes light up at the thought.

At school, Cross is involved with cheerleading and playing soccer, now in her third year. The first game is coming up this Tuesday against Churchland High School. The Spanish Club and National Honor Society are also extracurricular activities. She’s also a member of Tabernacle of Praise Church in Zuni.

Her family, school, church and the club have clearly given Cross a foundation for the future, and she already knows that for a career she wants to major in criminal justice, first by becoming a police officer. A week-long camp is in store this summer at the area academy. Cross also would like to become an attorney.

No matter whether she wins the scholarship, Cross said she’ll remain active in the club.

“There’s a lot of opportunities here,” she said.