They saw something, they said something

Published 10:47 am Saturday, March 3, 2018

“If you see something, say something,” goes the refrain we’ve all been hearing a lot lately.

Several alert residents of Franklin heeded that advice early Friday morning and, as a result, three suspects accused of attempting to break into the Bronco Federal Credit Union on Stewart Drive are now in custody.

The details of the incident are reported on page A1, but what particularly stood out to us was Police Department spokesman Capt. Tim Whitt’s comments that the people who witnessed suspicious activity occurring at the BFCU drive-though ATM reacted by immediately calling the police.

They didn’t post about it on Facebook or try to take an Instagram photo of the scene.

They notified the proper authorities, who were quickly able to identify the suspects’ vehicle near the Love’s Travel Center and subsequently arrest the alleged perpetrators.

So thank you to the residents of Franklin for not only being alert, but also for doing the right thing when confronted with evidence of a crime.