A host of ‘unwitting’ colluders

Published 10:39 am Saturday, March 3, 2018

by Dr. William Scott

I  have not been convinced that we are free of “quislings.” In my article of Dec. 22, 2017, I said that it does appear to me that “we have a host of unwitting colluders among us.”And it does appear also that the Special Counsel is getting closer and closer to proving my point. For sure, it is the purpose of the Special Counsel’s duty to fully and completely investigate this “unwitting” activity. In fact, after three years of political interactivity between the two camps — “Donald John (racketeer) Trumpettes and Vladimir Vladimirovich (Ras) Putinneers” — we start to see a steady stream of growth in this unnatural relationship as Trump captured the RNC presidential nomination. I know that this is perhaps an extreme satiric description of these two current administrations, but how else are we to understand the unnatural relationship between the President of these United States and the President of the Russian Federation?

I used the term “quisling” in the December article because it implies that we are being attacked from within by our major adversary and our own people — cyber warfare. While the Russians have not occupied our country, per se, they, nonetheless, were operating with a substantial force within our borders and being helped by unwitting or cognizance persons — blackmail espionage seems to be the controlling factor. These blackmail seeds may well have been sowed years before they took root (Trump’s Miss Universe Ruse of 2013 in Russia perhaps was the spreading or planting time.)

I’m using the term “unwitting” in this account to indicate that those involved in the ruse were ‘out of their league’ in dealing with former KGB operatives — Putin being the “queen” on the chess board, controlling the recruitment efforts of the Trump family. The term “unwitting” was used in the indictments by Robert Mueller. But collusion is a deceptive or misleading conscious agreement between two or more parties and so, ‘unwitting’ (or unknowing) is somewhat suspect. Mueller and his team, however, are up to the task, being as cagy as any former KGB oligarch’s ploy/maneuver — the use of ‘unwitting’ sets the trap.

In my view, the two problems we are having in our country stems from the rumbling in our democracy due to the “Citizens United” ruling. One: The ruling has allowed oligarchy and democracy to operate within a single system (the wealthiest citizens dominate policy concerning crucial issues of wealth — and income protection) — we have elected a “would-be” oligarch. Two: The level of espionage, quisling, and collusion is at the highest level: the executive branch. The designers of the constitution have built-in checks and balances at all three branches of government. Now, one of the branches is headed-up by a potential ‘quisling’er’ and the potential espionage activity from him that should be handled by another branch the legislative — is not being fulfilled. As a result, our form of government and our way of life is at stake because we have not adequately addressed the new cold war we are engaged in; the new “cyber warfare” of this millennium.

DR. WILLIAM SCOTT is a guest columnist for The Tidewater News. He can be reached at garwhit2@charter.net.