Nat Turner’s descendant addresses local church

Published 9:40 am Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Appropriately, Piney Grove Baptist Church hosted a speaker of historical significance for its annual Black History program on Sunday: Bruce Turner.

The Youth Choir of Piney Grove Baptist Church performed for the service. — Stephen H. Cowles | Tidewater News

He is a direct descendant of Nat Turner, the Southampton County man who refused to be a slave and fought back. In August 1831, Turner and a band of other men rose up against their situation and killed many white residents of Southampton County. Nat was later captured, tried and hanged. His body was put in an unmarked grave.

Bruce, who lives in Virginia Beach, said his ancestor’s legacy continues through the descendants.

Further, he called on the congregation to repeat after him these three words: “All. Here. Now.”

Bruce referred to All people who are Here and seek freedom/justice/equality Now.