Report threats to law enforcement

Published 12:02 pm Friday, February 23, 2018

To the Editor:
Since last weekend’s event that involved a student making a threat directed at Southampton High School, the Southampton County Sheriff’s Office has investigated two additional cases in which social media posts suggested additional threats directed at our schools.

Both were determined to have originated from outside the county and were never intended to target any school in Southampton County or the City of Franklin.

Ultimately, only one of several preceding and related posts were shared locally leading to fears that Southampton may be a target. The most recent threat actually originated in Springfield, Ohio, but only a posted threat with a reference to “SHS” was being shared.

The Southampton County Sheriff’s Office and the Southampton County School System take any threat directed at our schools, students and faculty seriously and make any such threat an immediate priority.

Anyone that becomes aware of a threat to our schools should dial or text 911. Report the threat to law enforcement just as we hope anyone would report any other crime, suspicious activity or traffic accident by contacting our dispatch center.

Don’t assume someone else has already called the 911 center. Sharing an unconfirmed post with friends and contacts only contributes to the problem and may hinder the investigation.

The Sheriff’s Office will work with the school system to determine the validity and source of the threat and resolve the situation.

J.B. Stutts, sheriff
Southampton County