Thanks to the IOW Board of Supervisors

Published 9:51 am Wednesday, February 21, 2018

To the Editor:

I would like to applaud the Board of Supervisors for voting to allow a July special election for the upcoming sheriff race. By allowing the election, the leaders of the County are allowing the citizens to choose their next sheriff.

I have lived in Isle of Wight County my entire life. Not once have we ever faced a situation when the sitting sheriff has left their term this early. Sheriff Marshall has done a wonderful job and should certainly be commended while serving as our sheriff. However, I did not vote for Sheriff Marshall’s re-election for him to leave early and pass the job I voted him in for to just be appointed to someone else.

“We the People” should be able to choose our elected officials. Democracy is a wonderful thing and the citizens voices of Isle of Wight County should not be disenfranchised. We should be able to vote for candidates that we feel are best qualified to hold office and that will provide the best stability as well. Again, thankfully, the Board of Supervisors have given us that opportunity.

For me, that candidate is James Pope. Pope has announced his intent to run for sheriff and is currently a lieutenant with the department. He has been with Isle of Wight since 2004 and is currently the patrol Commander, a position he has held for the last seven years. Lt. Pope is well known and thought of in the community and within the department. Pope has been recognized by several organizations to include, award recipient of 2014 Top Cop Award, Mothers Against Drunk Driving Recognition &, Leadership Award from the Virginia Highway Safety Office, among others. Lt. Pope’s leadership alone makes him well qualified to serve as sheriff.

Michelle Hedgepeth-Billups