Grant will provide Maker Spaces for county schools

Published 12:31 pm Saturday, February 17, 2018

When the Southampton County School Board met this past week, the members gave unanimous approval for the application of a grant that will eventually enhance students creativity.

Chris Tsitsera, the Title I coordinator and Pre-K specialist for the school division, said on Friday the Title 4: Part A grant is part of a federal program for student support and enrichment.

He’s hopeful to hear the good news within a week or two of the award, and has no doubt it will happen.

“It’ll come through,” he said.

To be precise, the grant amount is for $15,021.57, and the money will be used to buy Maker Spaces. Tsitsera described them as STEM-centered modules — meaning for science, technology, engineering and math — such as Connect Legos for hands-on science and engineering projects.

For example, instead of creating a cardboard diorama and writing a report, the Maker Spaces equipment could enable students to design and build a pulley system.

“It’s inquiry based,” he said. “Different activities are available and each school will get them. They’ll be portable.”