Long-term solutions needed for high bills

Published 10:14 am Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Realistically, higher than normal electric bills should have come as no surprise to anyone this month. Anyone who was here in January will recall — however unpleasant the memory — of the bitterest cold and snow for that month. While city residents were likely bracing themselves to pay some extra dollars, they weren’t prepared for the equivalent of sticker shock on receiving their recent statements.

Reportedly, some people have gotten bills ranging $800, $900 and $1,000-plus.

This inspired many such Franklin residents to fill the city council chamber on Monday and demand an explanation for what they view as unrealistic amounts.

Customers asked how can they pay both their rent/mortgage and the power company. Fear of eviction is understandably a strong one concern.

There was a well-meant suggestion by one council member to use available credit to forgive some part of customers’ bills.

But we’re inclined to agree that would be a short-term solution. Instead, another council member suggested the City looking into creating a budget plan to make a long-term answer.

Finally, council wisely chose to not cut off anybody’s power until a practical solution can be devised.