Daycare’s partnership with churches is fitting

Published 1:48 pm Saturday, February 10, 2018

That a daycare center should find a niche in a church seems entirely appropriate to us. What better place to help dad and mom rear their children than in a setting already devoted to teaching good manners and virtues?

Such is the case for Grace’s Little Angels Preschool, which recently established a second unit, this time in High Street United Methodist Church on Camp Parkway. The first location was begun a decade ago at Grace Memorial UMC in Sedley.

The fact that daycare director Raegan Pittman and the board saw the need for expansion speaks very well to the quality of care that the staff provides every day the centers are open.

Kudos to the congregations of both churches for opening their doors to let the littlest angels find a safe and nurturing place to learn, play and grow.