The party of cray-cray

Published 10:07 am Friday, February 9, 2018

by Susan Brown

Forty-six million viewers witnessed the unorthodox but predictable clown show congressional Democrats put on during President Trump’s first State of the Union speech. Despite that, an astounding majority of Americans (75 percent to be exact) told CBS News they approved.

The same poll found that 81 percent believed Trump was trying to unify the country, 91 percent liked his infrastructure plan, 75 percent supported his national security ideas and 72 percent agreed with his immigration proposals. And, heaven-forbid, sixty-five percent said Trump’s speech made them feel proud.

During the speech, the world watched sulky Democrats — who had the same deer-in-the-headlights expression they had the night Trump won the election — effectively boo America and sit on their sorry keisters when Trump talked about things like unity and the fact that ISIS is on the run. They also refused to celebrate that Hispanic and African-American unemployment is at an all-time low, thanks to the white guy they erroneously call racist.

The world watched when Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., bolted from the House chamber when the audience began chanting, “USA! USA” and later offered an ignorant and childish response: “Whoever translated it [Trump’s speech] for him from Russian did a good job.”

And, oh my, it was as if Democrats sucked all the air out of the room when Trump said that line which will go down as one for the ages, “Americans are dreamers too.”

This is not normal, folks.

After the speech, social media lit up with Trump haters who reflexively disliked his speech and ostracized those who didn’t, labeling them “neo-Nazi’s and white supremacists.”

The day after the speech, author Stephen King called the train crash with Republicans on board that killed one and left others injured “karma.” The same day, I received a ridiculous email from a reader who called the GOP “GOPigs,” writing, “I hope you caught the lie fest last night and saw the almost instant karma of the Trump train hitting a refuse truck. Lol. Maybe there is a god after all.”

I reiterate, joking about trash truck workers being killed and injured is not normal, the same way that it is not normal to suggest that your political opponents “should be lined up and shot” like Art Institute of Washington professor John Griffin posted on Facebook last May while clarifying to followers, “that’s not hyperbole; blood is on their hands.”

A little more than a month later, another flaming leftist Democrat with a GOP hit list in his pocket, James Hodgkinson, opened fire on Republican congressmen during a recreational baseball game practice June 14, 2017.

Unfortunately, what’s not normal for most Americans has become commonplace for Democrats.

In recent years we’ve watched a tsunami of crazy swamp the Democratic Party, a party which has devolved into a spectacle of the bizarre with its revolt against things most Americans consider custom and ordinary.

From dressing up in vagina costumes to shutting down the government because they care more about illegal aliens than military patriots, Democrats have gone full blown cray-cray.

They’ve showed us what they are made of and that they hate our president much more than they love America.

As this clown show continues, it’s best for normal folks to pop some popcorn and step aside,  remembering Napoleon’s maxim to never interfere with the enemy when he is in the process of destroying himself.

SUSAN STAMPER BROWN lives in Alaska and writes about culture, politics and current events. She is a regular contributor to Townhall and The Christian Post. Susan’s nationally syndicated column is published in scores of newspapers and publications across the U.S.  She was selected as one of America’s 40 Best Conservative columnists for 2017, and one of the 50 Best for 2015 and 2016. Contact her by Facebook or at