SA Raiders win twice over KF Kavaliers

Published 10:06 am Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Southampton Academy boys varsity hosted and defeated Kenston Forest, 56-51, last Friday evening in what became for fans on both sides an exciting game.

Before they played, though, the junior varsity boys ably demonstrated their court skills earlier and won 46-37. Perhaps encouraged by that early success, the Raiders ran out to the court and got three points within the first 30 seconds of the first quarter, followed by another two baskets about a minute later. The Kavaliers soon got in points of their own and were ahead 10-5 with 3:46 on the clock. The score tied and went ahead 12-10 for the Raiders with the aid of four free throws. Additional baskets had them at 17-13 by the buzzer.

The second quarter saw both teams initially staying within a few points of one another. Southampton Academy led until the 31 tie with 1:39 remaining. Kenston Forest got in a basket 18 seconds later, and sank in another with :20 on the clock, putting them ahead at 35-31.

The Kavaliers remained ahead for much of the third quarter, with the Raiders gradually decreasing the margin until tying at 41 all with 1:39 left. A free throw for SA at :34.6 had them at 42-41 by quarter’s end.

Throughout the game, both teams showed their assertiveness in frequently gaining possession of the ball, either by seizing sudden opportunities or tussling with other players. Their focus and determination were evident in fast moves, impressive maneuvers and successful scores.

During the fourth quarter, the teams again usually stayed within two to three points of each other. There were ties at 46 (5:15) and 48 points (2:35,) but the Raiders otherwise stayed ahead. SA got two free throws at :19.4 remaining to make the score 54-51, and five seconds later, two more free throws gave the team the final winning score.