Where is the integrity of the county’s Board of Supervisors

Published 11:15 am Friday, February 2, 2018

To the Editor:
I watched “Meet the Press” Sunday morning and then read an article on crime which stated “If something is wrong, you should speak up.” This reminded me of something cruel I had seen. I think Congress is the worst at doing business, but the county made the federal government look like knights in shining armor. What has happened to the Board of Supervisors’ conscience and integrity? I moved here almost 50 years ago and I don’t recognize today’s current morals.

The state provides the Board of Supervisors the right to have closed door sessions at which time they can discuss personnel and management without making it public. This was NOT the case — Dr. Edwards was blindsided. He knew nothing until Chairman [Dallas] Jones said he had several phone calls. Mr. [Ronald] West immediately nominated Mr. [Bruce] Phillips to the Planning Commission.  The other board members apparently knew about this situation before the meeting. If there were any concerns the Board should have discussed them in closed session before the open meeting started. I guess the Board of Supervisors decided to hold him guilty for not voting with them on the Country Club’s $30,000 allocation from county taxes, the Camp Parkway project and the building of a new courthouse.

Dr. Edwards always supports the citizens’ concerns regardless of opposition from other Board members. I have attended the Planning Commission and BOS meetings for the past 20 years and have never talked to anyone who had a bad word about Dr. Edwards’ service on the Planning Commission and BOS. He always treats the citizens with dignity and respect. He has been on the Planning Commission for over 30 years providing service to county citizens. He has taken courses from Va. Tech on comprehensive planning and implementing. He has always had time to talk to everyone about their concerns for this county.

I have one suggestion for the BOS: review the Code of Ethics that you sign annually. If every supervisor resigned whenever someone complains, we would not have anyone on the board. I have heard over a hundred citizens complaining that the board won’t listen to the citizens.


Integrity has left the building.

Glenn H. Updike