Resident questions board’s integrity

Published 9:52 am Wednesday, January 31, 2018

To the Editor:

Is our county government as corrupt as our federal government? In my opinion, it is being handled in the same corrupt, under-handed way.

At the last Board of Supervisors meeting, Supervisor Dr. Alan Edwards was eliminated as a member of the Planning Commission without any legitimate rhyme or reason.

Dr. Edwards was never asked if he was willing to keep his position, which he had held for 30 years and was completely blindsided by his removal.

A member of the Board made the nomination and it was seconded that Supervisor Bruce Phillips be nominated as the member from the Board of Supervisors on the Planning Commission. The motion was then voted on and passed.

Dr. Edwards was not even thanked for his 30 years of service, 10 of which he served as chairman, nor was a resolution passed.

Where is the integrity of these men that represent the citizens and voters of Southampton County?

In my opinion, the voters of Southampton County need to elect members who are honest and show some respect for other people’s feelings and positions.

Planning these underhanded back stabbing actions shows a lack of integrity and honesty in the men who pretend to serve the voters in their district.

Have I used strong words? Yes, but such actions as the Board of Supervisors have used in the last several months has shown they are selfish and self-centered.

Dr. Edwards has shown through the last 30 years that he is concerned with the welfare of the citizens of this county.

We definitely need more men of his intelligence and integrity on the Board of Supervisors.

Linda N. Vick,
Taxpayer and voter
Newsoms District