Easing path to adoption

Published 11:26 am Saturday, January 27, 2018

We can’t speak from experience about adoption, but we can imagine that there are a lot of hoops to jump through in order to give a child a loving home. On one hand it’s good that there are safeguards in place. On the other hand, perhaps some of the rules are superfluous or the time has come for some reform.

Someone who does know what it means to be adopted is our delegate Emily Brewer (R-64.) While she was campaigning last year, the candidate vowed to make adoption reform her priority, and already there’s been success. On Wednesday, her first bill, HB241, was reportedly passed unanimously with bi-partisan support by the House of Delegates with 98 yeas – 0 nays.

See what good can happen when both sides work together?

The legislation reduces from three to two years the amount of time a child must continuously reside with a close relative before the adoption process can begin.

You can also read more about related bills in Brewer’s GA session update on this page.

We applaud the delegate for keeping her promise to work on the adoption issue, and congratulate her and others who worked to bring the bill to pass. That augurs well for both Brewer and, more importantly, her constituents.