Sen. Chelsea Manning? Democrats should be proud

Published 11:08 am Wednesday, January 24, 2018

by Susan Brown

Democrats have outdone themselves this time. Chelsea Manning, (D-Fort Leavenworth), the former U.S. Army soldier-turned-traitor, who was a male named Bradley until he betrayed America and swiped on some lipstick, is running for the United States Senate in Maryland on the Democratic party ticket.

Manning is the perfect Democratic party candidate: Anti-everything that’s quintessentially America in stilettos and a skirt.

Manning’s campaign video features a defiant Chelsea proclaiming, “We don’t need them anymore,” with clips of police clashing with protesters. It is about as ludicrous as Democrat Dana Nessel’s campaign ad for Michigan attorney general where she says: “When you’re choosing Michigan’s next attorney general, ask yourself this: Who can you trust most not to show you their penis in a professional setting? Is it the candidate who doesn’t have a penis?”

Maybe Nessel should ask Chelsea.

Manning is a darling of the radical left, whose super-duper ginormous tent includes everyone except those who don’t live in New York and California, love America, the rule of law, the U.S. Military, law enforcement, guns, freedom of speech, conservatism, Judeo-Christian values, the unborn, and God — to name a few.

Manning wants U.S. borders open, prisons closed, inmates freed and all hospital services free. In a tweet on January 16, the defiant traitor said, “the reign of terror must end,” calling for the abolishment of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and U.S. Customs and Border Protection agencies. On Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, January 9, Manning tweeted: “F**k the police.” What a sweetie.

Responsible for what authorities describe as the largest leak of classified documents in American history, Manning would have been the perfect running mate for the illegal private email server pantsuit queen, Hillary Clinton. This traitor endangered U.S. soldiers’ lives, compromised military operations and put Iraqi and Afghani partners at risk.

Manning was ultimately charged with 22 offenses, including aiding the enemy. Rather than death by military firing squad, the coward received a 35-year prison sentence. Former President Obama showed us how much he loves America, our military and law enforcement when he commuted Manning’s sentence during his last days in office.

Apparently, Manning wants to pay Obama’s bigheartedness forward by challenging Maryland Democrat Sen. Ben Cardin, who happens to be the ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Manning’s espionage conviction will apparently mean nothing.

It’s already questionable that Congress members are given access to classified government secrets without the normal requirement of a security clearance. And we all know how seriously Manning takes oaths of office.

The Democrats’ latest mantra is that President Trump is unfit for office, despite the president’s recent perfect score on a voluntary mental aptitude test. But we’re supposed to believe Manning is fit? As I’ve written before, this goes against the sensibilities of those like former Johns Hopkins Hospital psychiatrist-in-chief Dr. Paul R. McHugh who wrote a piece in the Wall Street Journal explaining that transgenderism is a “mental disorder” which warrants medical treatment. He said, “policy makers and the media are doing no favors either to the public or the transgendered by treating their confusions as a right in need of defending than a mental disorder that deserves understanding, treatment and prevention.”

And don’t forget, no one can question Manning, post-Chelsea conversion: Express mental state concerns, and you are transphobic.  Mention lack of skills, and you are anti-feminist.

Talk about treason, and you are a Dick Cheney war hawk.

Just when you think they’ve hit rock-bottom, Democrats do something to remind us there is no pit so deep that they cannot sink deeper still.

SUSAN STAMPER BROWN lives in Alaska and writes about culture, politics and current events. She is a regular contributor to Townhall and The Christian Post. Susan’s nationally syndicated column is published in scores of newspapers and publications across the U.S.  She was selected as one of America’s 40 Best Conservative columnists for 2017, and one of the 50 Best for 2015 and 2016. Contact her by Facebook or at