Resident displeased with trash service

Published 7:34 am Wednesday, January 17, 2018

To the Editor:

I just returned from a trip to a local trash dumpster site here in Southampton County to dump my trash and recycles, and once again, I found the recycle bin full. But by going around to the back side of it, found I could get my recycles stuffed in. Then while dumping my trash, I struck up a conversation with the attendant.

I mentioned to him, “They sure don’t like to dump the Recycle Bin very often do they.”

He told me that he bets that bin has been full for two months now and he’s called three times on it. He then told me that most folks when finding that bin full, just throw the recycles in the trash dumpster.

Well I, like many others, am someone who tries to do the right ecological and environmental thing by trying to keep more waste out of the landfills. So many of us in this county, are paying a very unpopular $200/year fee for waste disposal and we have to also transport our waste to the sites. I’m OK with the transporting, but I’m not happy at all with the service I’m receiving for the money I’m paying for.

John Bunch