City police maintain professionalism

Published 11:16 am Saturday, January 13, 2018

On Monday, Jan. 22, Franklin Police Chief Phil Hardison is scheduled to make a report to council about the city’s crime rate. He’s also expected to point out his department’s difficulties owing to limited manpower.

While it might seem to residents that the population of Franklin wouldn’t justify an increase in officers, the details in reporter Stephen Faleski’s story strongly suggest otherwise.

That aside, we should note that the police have done a fine job to date, and have been professional along the way. That includes avoiding fatal incidents such as the kind that made national news elsewhere in the country.

Also, it speaks well to the city department in working with other Virginia law enforcement agencies, such as Martinsville. Representatives there informed the local office of their search for a murder suspect. The details of which are on page A1. That cooperative spirit enabled the Martinsville contingent to swiftly make their capture and return the suspect for interrogation.

We hope that council members will listen closely to the chief’s report and cooperate in aiding the department as well as making the city safer for its residents.