Rock Church Lions working to rebuild team

Published 10:04 am Wednesday, January 10, 2018

by Meghan Woodward

The Rock Church Lions’ basketball team is off and running as the players began their season 3-0. Their most recent win came at the cost of Albermarle School from Elizabeth City, North Carolina.

Rock Church continues to build its basketball program back to the powerhouse it was in the ‘90s. The Lions haven’t had basketball for quite some time. But over the last few years, Coach Danny Dillon — former Franklin High School head coach — has been trying to get their school back up to the competitive level.

“I’m excited about this group of young men as they continue to learn the game of basketball,” said Dillon. “When I left Franklin High School to become lead pastor at Rock Church I was disappointed that I would no longer have the time to coach at FHS. Now I have a nice outlet and it doesn’t hurt that two of my sons play so I can spend time with them.”

Rock Church took down the Colts of Albermarle by a score of 42 to 25. The Lion’s seventh grader, D.J. Dillon, led all scores with 21, while center Ben Turner put in a double-double with 17 points and 16 rebounds. Christian Fanjul rounded out the Lions’ scoring with four points.

“They work well together and it’s important seeing that most of our offense is run through only two players. As always, we are just trying to show the love of God through all we do,” coach Dillon said. “The boys have fun and have great sportsmanship. We will continue to give God all the glory!”

The Colts’ high scorer was Trent Sawyer with six points, while Cole Langley chipped in five.

The Lions will go play against Court Street Academy on Monday, Jan. 15, at 4 p.m.