RiverGuardian warns people to stay off ice

Published 12:37 pm Saturday, January 6, 2018

by Jeff Turner

Spirit of Moonpie and I are not out on the rivers this week, its too cold and there is danger on the rivers. That danger is ICE. With temps from single digits to barely getting above the freezing point our local ponds, lakes and even the rivers have pretty much all frozen over.

Photograph of Nottoway River frozen over between Cary’s Bridge and Courtland. — Submitted | Jason Gunn

While it is pretty to look at — and I will mince no words to get this message across — around here these frozen wonders of winter are death traps.

Parents need to be sure they get the message across to their children that they can die if they go out on the ice. Adults out in the field, whether hunting or just enjoying the winter landscape, need to heed the warning also. It ain’t worth it.

As cold as it has been here, we do not have the kind sustained cold to make frozen bodies of water completely safe. Plus, most folks from around here do not have the experience to know how to check and tell if the ice is safe to go out on.

I lost a couple of childhood friends years ago to the ice. It’s a horrible way to die. You quickly run out of air.

Trapped under a translucent veil, you can see the light but you cannot get to it. And with only an inch between you and salvation, that light slowly fades awa … and you’re DEAD!

It isn’t worth it, folks. Stay off the ice and be sure your children get this message.