NWS warns of subzero wind chills this weekend

Published 12:37 pm Saturday, January 6, 2018


The National Weather Service’s Wakefield station has issued a wind chill advisory for Isle of Wight County, the city of Franklin and Southampton County for the weekend.

As of Friday afternoon, temperatures were predicted to range from a high of 23ºF Saturday to a low of 1ºF overnight, with wind chill values as low as -6ºF. On Sunday, highs are predicted to be near 26ºF and overnight lows around 13ºF and wind chill values as low as -4ºF. No additional snow is forecast though, as both days are predicted to be sunny.

By Monday, conditions are expected to warm up, with highs around 45ºF and a low of 34ºF. After 1 p.m. on Monday, there is a reported 20 percent chance of rain, which increases in likelihood to 40 percent by Monday night going into Tuesday.

Tuesday’s high is expected to be around 51ºF with a low of 26ºF, with partly cloudy skies.

As for road conditions, as of Friday afternoon, Nina Napolitano, senior communication specialist for the Virginia Department of Transportation, said that with most of the primary roads now cleared, VDOT crews are now turning their attention to secondary roads in Isle of Wight and Southampton counties. Traveling to VDOT’s Franklin residency office, she said that the primary roads in the town of Windsor were now pretty clear and that for most of the day, crews had been focused on plowing the remaining troubled areas and laying down sand and sand/salt misture to prevent icing.